Nebraska Company Awarded National Distribution for Unique New Garlic Peeler That Contains the Messy Skins

Celebrating national distribution of their first product the JellyDish Garlic Peeler, family owned and operated manufacturer Concentric Communications thanks all the customers and retailers who have seen the value in the unique kitchen solution. "As a designer I love it when a product solves a problem, but it's truly inspiring when it solves the original problem, AND resulting problems competitors overlook— in this case, the mess!" said Larry Owens, owner/operator.

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Lincoln company Concentric Communications is awarded national distribution for the unique new product the JellyDish Garlic Peeler.  The Garlic Peeler's unique design helped to win national placement on store shelves after demonstrating its "better mousetrap" feature of keeping the mess of the skins contained in its own dish. 

"I'm truly excited to be working with Kitchen Collection," said Larry Owens, owner/operator.  After months of planning and setting up manufacturing, the order shipped on-schedule August 1 to the Kitchen Collection distribution center in Ohio.  This fall the garlic peelers will be set on shelves in all 220 stores including our store here at the Gretna mall.  "Although I've seen it at the corporate headquarters store display, I still can't wait to drive out to some of the store locations and see the products on the shelves and how the customers are receiving the brand.  Maybe I'll see you there..."

"It has taken about a year to get this far with the new brand, and now with the infrastructure, pricing and packaging in place for wholesaling, Concentric is poised and ready to support the wholesale market."

Larry Owens, Owner/Operator

JellyDish is committed to improving existing products and developing useful new items like the Jar Opener, Egg Separator, Fruit Fly Trap, Drain Strainer and Shaker Makers.  Owens notes that stores like Kitchen Collection are known for having great solutions and with Concentric's roots being in design and development they understand the importance of innovation and are committed to it.  "It has taken about a year to get this far with the new brand, and now with the infrastructure, pricing and packaging in place for wholesaling, Concentric is poised and ready to support the wholesale market," said Owens.

"Thank You!  A special thanks to all the Nebraskan's and customers nationwide who continue to support our local made products.  It's truly this type of grass-roots support and feedback that are invaluable to new brands like JellyDish.  Also a huge thank you to local JellyDish retailers and to family and friends that have purchased them and those who have helped with packaging.  Without you-all JellyDish would not exist."

For more information about JellyDish products including where to purchase them please visit  or visit a Kitchen Collection store near you today.

Source: Concentric Communications

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