Neat Capital Launches Corporate Home Loan Benefit Program

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Neat Capital has launched its corporate home loan benefit platform, which provides participating companies with access to an employee home financing benefit to expedite talent acquisition, increase productivity through quick turn times, and reduce financing costs for their workforce. The platform is designed to deliver financing education, seamless integration with payroll, and customizable benefits for all employees, including executive relocations.

Neat Capital has revolutionized the mortgage industry by offering an unparalleled process with real-time underwriting and educational feedback to its clients. The fully-transparent process allows Neat Capital to average 13 days to clear a loan to close – three times faster than the industry average.

“Taking the friction out of home financing helps accelerate a company’s recruiting activity, even if employees are making a regional move to simply improve their commute.” said Luke Johnson, Founder and CEO of Neat Capital. “With Neat Capital, our clients receive fast approvals upfront so that they can make a cash-like offer on a home. This means that companies under our benefit program do not lose employee productivity to weeks of failed home bids, document chasing, and stressful unnecessary distractions.”

Through the corporate benefit platform, employees receive access to Neat Capital’s most competitive financing terms as well as additional discounts to reduce financing costs.

“In traditional corporate benefit programs, employees have a right to be skeptical of the real benefit that they’re supposedly receiving – how can they be sure there is no extra cost being passed through as a higher rate, for example?” explained Ryan Brennan, President of Neat Capital. “That’s one of the major benefits of affiliating with a modern transparent lender. Employers are assured that their employees are receiving a true benefit – there are no surprises.”

The Neat Capital corporate benefit platform has been piloted with a large health system and registered investment advisor groups. “We’re thrilled with the reception and feedback that we’ve received from our partners to date and are passionate about delivering the strongest mortgage benefit program in the industry to help our partners attract and retain talent” Johnson stated.

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Neat Capital is a FinTech mortgage lender setting out to make financing a home as frictionless as using cash. Founded in 2015 by mortgage industry experts, Neat Capital is reinventing the industry with technology to achieve unparalleled speed, certainty, and clarity in financing a home. The company is based in Boulder, CO.

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Neat Capital is a FinTech mortgage lender setting out to make financing a home as frictionless as using cash. Its technology brings unparalleled speed, certainty and clarity to home financing. The company is based in Boulder, CO.

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