NBC War Correspondent and Humor Expert Join Forces In The Battle To Change Healthcare

Yoga guru Bhava Ram and Neurohumorist Karyn Buxman to appear on Evolving Consciousness Health Community Cruise November 2013. Great for physicians, nurses, health care providers

For many years, Bhava Ram's face was familiar to the viewers of NBC News. He put his life on the line repeatedly to bring the story of the Gulf War home. But a broken back, years of constant pain, and a Stage IV cancer diagnosis due to toxic chemical exposure while he was on the job showed Ram that he had a new conflict to cover: the battle to change healthcare.

"I was told that I'd be dead within two years," Ram says. At the time, his son was only 2 years old. Determined not to accept the dire prognosis he'd been given, Ram abandoned western medicine and began a journey of seeking to self-heal. Through rigorous and devoted application of mind/body medicine and the deepest practices of the science of Yoga, Ram healed himself and now devotes his life to sharing self-empowerment with others.

The Power to Heal, The Courage To Change

"Health care professionals are devoted to providing the very best patient care they possibly can," says Karyn Buxman, RN, neurohumorist, author and speaker. "But the system we're currently working with is broken. We're being asked to do more and more with less and less. As healthcare providers, it's essential that we provide our patients with the tools and knowledge they need to take ownership of their own health. That's how we'll see better outcomes."

"Leading researchers have found definitive links between a person's mindset and their physical and mental well-being. The more positive the mindset, the greater levels of wellness enjoyed. Yoga and laughter are two no-cost tools everyone can use to create that critically important positive mindset. Our patients can use this information to change their lives."

Evolving Conscious Health Community Cruise To Feature Bhava Ram & Karyn Buxman

"The third leading cause of death in America today is our conventional medical system, as a result of over-prescribed or misprescribed medications, failed surgeries, and hospital born infections," says Bhava Ram. "This very same system threatens to bankrupt our economy. Holistic healing is greatly needed antidote to this crisis and those devoting their lives to its practice are doing a tremendous service to humankind."

"Designed for physicians, nurses, therapists, and everyone else on the front lines of health care, this cruise is a beautiful, relaxing way to connect with some of the leading minds in Holistic Healthcare. Dr. Norm Shealy will be there, as will Jean Watson and many other inspiring thought leaders. You will learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies you can use to improve your clinical practice, making life better for your patients and for you!"

The Evolving Health Consciousness Cruise runs from November 2-9th, 2013. Continuing education credits are available. To learn more about Bhava Ram click here To learn more about Karyn Buxman's participation, including a special incentive package available only to early registrants, click here.