Navy Engineers Launch Innovative Project

Kicker Snowsports announced the launch of a new project: "Fiscal Kliff Freeride Skis". The project will use the raised funds to design, and manufacture their new model or skis using backing input throughout the process.

Ski manufacturing and design company, Kicker Snowsports LLC, announced today that on December 5th they launched a crowdfunding project: "Fiscal Kliff Freeride Skis: Join us in our mission to change the way your skis are designed. Get unprecedented input into the ski development cycle."

Their innovative project is closing the gap between the ski designer and rider. Through the use of surveys, polls, and emails, the Kickstarter project is giving backers unprecedented input and access throughout the company's design process for their new model of freeride skis.

The project has a range of reward options from a tee-shirt, to a pair of skis, to getting exclusive access prototyping the skis. Their funding goal of $15000 will allow Kicker Snowsports to fully design and manufacture the skis themselves. Kicker Snowsports is one of only a few ski manufacturing companies based on the East Coast. "We are proud to build our own handmade skis in America," said Tom Fick, Co-Founder of Kicker Snowsports.

Kicker Snowsports is building a community of well informed skiers who have unique views and ideas what want to be heard. "We want to be more than just your run of the mill ski company building the same skis in the same factories," said Paul Andron, Co-Founder of Kicker Snowsports. "We want to bring value and community to our customers."

The project will continue through January 15th, 2014. The ski design will evolve throughout this winter season and the ski model will be manufactured this summer to be ready for the 2014/2015 season.

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