NaviCom International Investment Utilizes FinTech to Provide Entry Level Access to Alternative Platform

Enhancing private investor investment experience as investor preferences demand an alternative approach to portfolio management.

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NaviCom International Investment, the New York and Hong Kong-based provider of wealth management and alternative investment solutions, has extended its technology platform to accommodate the changing preferences of a broader client base.

Utilizing the services of a leading fintech provider, NaviCom’s updated platform will provide private investors with entry-level access to alternative solutions that are typically reserved for institutions and ultra-high-net-worth investors.

With Improvements on how alternative funds are regulated, increased disclosure requirements and more transparent reporting, alternatives are no longer positioned in the gray area of the market.

Phillip Ainsworth

Chief Investment Strategist

While entry-level capital requirements have been reduced to align with the capabilities of individual investors, accreditation requirements will continue to apply on a case-by-case basis.

“Alternative investments are an important aspect of how we allocate assets across our private investor portfolios. We have experienced an increase in exposure to alternatives as private investors begin to shift a percentage of their allocation away from the traditional markets in pursuit of a more balanced return profile, that is less exposed to the effects of equity and bond market volatility,” said Phillip Ainsworth, Chief Investment Strategist.

“To accommodate this rise in demand, we have extended our alternative offering to qualified private investors as we continue to enhance the investment experience to help our clients overcome the challenges they face under the current investment climate.”

Alternative forms of investment are becoming more accessible as mainstream and alternative asset managers seek to address the concerns of private investors who are forced into assuming levels of equity risk above and beyond their acceptable tolerance.

“With improvements on how alternative funds are regulated, increased disclosure requirements and more transparent reporting, alternatives are no longer positioned in the gray area of the market. We believe that as the alternative industry continues to evolve and investor confidence continues to strengthen, more investors will begin to incorporate alternatives as part of a portfolio diversification strategy,” said Ainsworth.

NaviCom International Investment

NaviCom International Investment is an independent provider of alternative investment solutions and comprehensive wealth management services. The company was established in 2008 to help private investors, families and institutional clients address the increasing challenges faced under the evolving investment landscape.

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