Naturopathic Doctor Beverly Hills Brings Together the Best of East and West

A lot of chronic diseases can now be treated with the help of naturopathic doctors who are all set to provide a comprehensive medical practice.

​It is not just medicines that is going to bring about a solution to medical problems. There is one naturopathic doctor Beverly Hills named Dr. Jeremy Fischer who has merged the best of east and West and has come up with a comprehensive medical practice. Dr. Jeremy Fischer has received extensive medical training in both the US and China and has brought together modern diagnostic information and ancient tradition that has given rise to a way of treatment that treats every individual as unique and exceptional. Naturopathic physicians like Dr.Jeremy Fischer uses more than one kind of tool in this way of treatment.

The way of treatment as followed by Dr.Jeremy Fischer is very simple. Dr. Fischer begins with an in-depth evaluation of the patient’s state of health to diagnose the problem and coming up with an effective solution. The very first consultation takes nearly an hour and a half. A lot depends upon this initial consultation where the doctor notes down all the details of the patient’s medical history and current symptoms. A physical exam is also conducted if needed. Once this procedure is over, the doctor may ask for standard or specialty lab tests.

Dr. Jeremy Fischer believes that naturopathic and Chinese medicine can be very instrumental in healing lots of chronic diseases that includes acne, addictions, allergies, anxiety, back conditions, headaches, heart disease, overweight and obesity, thyroid disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, anti-aging and more.

At Vitality Integrative Medicine, all the naturopathic physicians under the guidance of one of the best naturopathic doctor Beverly Hills make use of dietary counseling and therapies, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals/supplements, hydrotherapy (therapeutical application of heat and cold to alter physiology), exercise, musculoskeletal manipulations, electrotherapeutics and therapeutic ultrasound, injections and nutritional IV's, and pharmaceuticals.

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About The Company: At Vitality Integrative Medicine, Dr. Jeremy Fischer who is one of the best naturopathic doctor Beverly Hills, brings the best of the East and West and creates a way of treatment that is instrumental in treating various conditions like acne, anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, ibs, hepatitis, thyroid disorders and more.