Announces the Successful Re-Launch of Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program

According to Natural Healing College Spokesperson Anne Thomas, the updated Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program is available to all applicants Online at

It is to be noted that Natural Healing College is an Online Distance Learning School that is dedicated to educating our students about health to prepare them as Board Certified Health Practitioners and Holistic Herbal Practitioners, in addition to Certified Nutritional Consultants (Nutrition Experts).

“The education at Natural Healing College offers the opportunity to adult learners to become a Holistic Health Professional, study online from home, embrace wellbeing, and” said Thomas, “the applicants can apply for admissions online in a few easy steps and begin their holistic career when they desire.”

Thomas also added, "Some of the college graduates plan to work for other practitioners, however the majority of these college graduates prefer and are able to start their own practice as soon as they graduate (which takes approximately one to two years' time frame)." Thomas also reminded and added, "In this bad economical time period it is a good option as the minimum educational requirement for the admission is simply a High School Diploma or GED (or equivalent). Proven, that this education is a lot more economical than a four year college. Students are able to turn their passion for nutrition into a career. As the college is 100% online, the students are able to maintain their daily responsibilities and jobs and study when convenient on their own time and are able to graduate in almost no time." Please note that the college offers four Board Certified Diploma programs and all the education is offered online at

Anne Thomas


Natural Healing College, an Online Holistic Health, Nutritional and Herbal Healing College, announced that Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program is now only 42 credit hour program, consists of total 13 classes.

College spokesperson provided this updated curriculum for Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program... Trying to approach to have some stategic partners like,  NYSE: HLF or nasdaq: WFM.

OR202       Orientation                                   

HS101       Foundations of Holistic Science                             

AP101       Anatomy and Physiology                              

HM101      Essentials of Herbal Medicine                                

HM102      Natural Alternatives to Allopathic Medicine                                    

NC301       Drug Free Remedies                             

HP302       Alternative Medicine Treatments                                    

DT102       Internal Cleansing & Detoxification                               

HP301       Understanding Disease & Treatments part 1                                   

HP302       Understanding Disease & Treatments part 2                                   

HP101       Dietary Wellness                                   

HM301      Herb-Drug-Vitamin Interactions                            

HP301       Setting up Practice (final project)     

Changing Lives One-Class-At-A-Time!
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