Natural Skincare Brand, Frownies, Releases New Skin-Renewing Apple Serum With the Power of Plant-Based Stem Cell Technology

Frownies, best known for its wrinkle-smoothing Facial Patches, uses the latest advancements in regenerative medicine to combat fine lines and aging skin

Frownies Apple Serum

Frownies, the wrinkle-smoothing expert since 1889, has expanded its skincare line beyond its wildly popular Frownies Facial Patches to include Frownies Apple Serum with plant-based stem cell technology. Stem cells are harvested from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, native to Switzerland and known for its amazing longevity attributed to its unique stem cells. These stem cells have been shown to provide extensive benefits to the skin, specifically around the eyes and mouth. The newest skin serum is available now on the Frownies website. 

"I am excited to share this innovative new product with our customers at an accessible price point," says Frownies CEO Kat Wright. "I am especially impressed with the research showing diminished fine lines and increased firmness of the delicate skin around the eyes — a trouble spot for many of our customers." 

In research, these apple stem cells have been shown to:

  • Reduce wrinkle depth in the crow's feet around the eyes
  • Improve skin smoothness as shown in digital images 
  • Stimulate the proliferation of skin stem cells
  • Protect skin stem cells from UV radiation damage 
  • Maintain function of skin stem cells even in advanced age 

Frownies Apple Serum has a silky texture that absorbs into the skin quickly and may be applied under Frownies Facial Patches. The serum is packaged in single-dose ampoules to maintain potency without added preservatives. The ampoule packaging is made from biodegradable plant-based plastic, making it environmentally friendly by limiting excessive waste. 

Read more about the ingredients in Frownies Apple Serum here


Frownies is the home of the Original Wrinkle Patch, invented in 1889 by Margaret Krosen after noticing her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly frown lines. Frownies Facial Patches are made with weighted paper and water-activated adhesive. Frownies Facial Patches are applied to the forehead, crow's feet, and corners of the mouth to create a cast to release muscle tension, retrain facial expressions, and allow overlying skin to lay flat to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Frownies, once called "Hollywood's Best Kept Secret," is now going viral as the natural alternative to Botox®. Frownies is proud to be a fifth-generation woman-owned and operated small business. Shop for Frownies Facial Patches and the rest of the Frownies natural skincare line here. Follow Frownies on Instagram for tips on how to apply the Facial Patches. 


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