Natural Products Retailer 'Health Ranger Store' Announces 48-Hour Disaster Relief Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Help for Harvey

The Health Ranger Store, a top online retailer of lab-verified natural products, is holding a 48-hour Disaster Relief Fundraiser from Aug. 30-31, with 50 percent of all sales revenues donated to local relief groups who are aiding victims of Hurricane Harvey.

All product purchases, without exception, generate a 50 percent donation to this relief effort. The Health Ranger Store hopes to generate at least $50,000 in relief funds and will post the details of final amounts raised and the names of relief groups that received the donated funds.

The website for the online store is

"We are ready and able to help fellow Texans recover and rebuild," said Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" and founder of the online store. "We thank all our customers and fans in advance for their support to help us provide desperately needed financial aid to those effected by this disaster."

The Health Ranger Store is run by Texans and is determined to help fellow Texans survive any challenge. The store warehouse, located in Central Texas, was also hit by Hurricane Harvey, but has since recovered and is back to full operations. The Health Ranger Store is the only certified organic survival food manufacturer in the state of Texas with its own ISO-accredited food science and environmental laboratory.

About the Health Ranger Store

The Health Ranger Store is a lab-verified clean foods manufacturer and online retailer that serves the organic and preparedness communities with quality products.

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