Nationwide Power Continues to Support Critical Power Needs Across U.S. During Coronavirus Shutdown

Nationwide Power takes steps to prioritize customer and employee safety while continuing to support the emergency service needs of essential businesses across the United States.

Nationwide Power continues supporting essential businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.

As an essential business operation, providing customers with critical power services across the U.S., Nationwide Power will remain open for emergency service and time-sensitive needs. Nationwide Power services thousands of hospitals and medical facilities across the country, along with local emergency service organizations (911, rescue, fire), news and media outlets, data networks, and government facilities – all of whom require 100% uptime. 

Despite the need to remain open for emergency service and time-sensitive needs, Nationwide Power has taken steps to prioritize the safety of both its employees and customers:  

  • Effective April 2, 2020, all non-emergency field service work will be postponed. Work will be limited to emergency service and time-sensitive needs for essential businesses only. 
  • Over 90% of the workforce has been equipped to work from home. 
  • No furloughs, layoffs, or decreases in pay or hours have taken place as a result of COVID-19.
  • Employees who require sick leave for themselves or their families as a result of COVID-19 may be eligible for extended sick-leave pay.

According to Dan Sears, Vice President of Field Operations, the direction to continue performing only emergency service or time-sensitive needs comes out of concern and commitment to the employees and customers of Nationwide Power. “We are very concerned about our field team possibly being exposed while on a client site, or worse, the possibility of exposing their families when returning home. For this reason, we will respond to emergency calls only going forward in April.”  

Over the past two decades, Nationwide Power has built its business on quality, commitment, and maintaining its family-like culture. Rather than taking steps to reduce the workforce or focus on cost-cutting measures during this time, the focus has shifted to additional training, process refinement, and quality improvement. Nationwide Power’s ability to navigate smoothly during these uncertain times is only possible as a result of years of investments in technology, software, and people. 

For emergency service or time-sensitive critical power needs, call 866-341-7547.

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Source: Nationwide Power, Inc.

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