Nationally Known Evangelical Christian Author, Lecturer, And Radio Host Reaches #1 On Amazon's

Dr. Michael Brown, author of A Queer Thing Happened to America, announces the launch of a nationwide campaign for religious tolerance and intellectual diversity.

Within 48 hours of its release on March 15, 2011, Dr. Michael Brown's 700-page volume, A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, was among the top 300 books on It also climbed to #3 among all "Gay and Lesbian" titles and is currently #1 on Amazon's "Gay and Lesbian Nonfiction" list. Yet, this is the book that was considered so controversial that no major publisher was willing to touch it. The book faced countless refusals even though Brown (who holds a Ph.D. from New York University) is a successful author of over twenty books and dedicated over six years of meticulous research along with extensive interaction with the GLBT community.

As Brown wrote in the Preface, "Those looking for a right-wing diatribe based on unreliable, second-hand sources will have to look elsewhere, as will those looking for an angry, mean-spirited screed. In fact, in the pages that follow, the reason there is no anger or hatred in my words is because there is no anger or hatred in my heart." He also explained that, "It is the purpose of this book to see how we got to this point in history, to examine some of the main lines of pro-gay thought, to consider the impact of gay activism on our society, and to ask the question: Where is the current trajectory taking us?"

Brown discovered, however, that even to ask that question was to ask for trouble. One conservative pundit noted that, "Book publishing is a difficult business now, and no media is willing to promote a book that opposes homosexuality. Economic self-interest is going to make it very tough for a publisher to say yes." While a conservative publisher informed Brown that, "Practically speaking [publishing the book] could actually destroy the firm," and a top literary agent explained that he was unsuccessful in shopping the book because "Most thought the material was too controversial [and] all felt that the title would need to be changed."

Brown received a letter from a representative of a large New York City publicity firm stating, "Unfortunately [he] spoke with his team and he doesn't have anyone willing to take on Dr. Brown's book," while a publishing insider remarked: "I'd be better off burning the money in my fireplace. The economics of publishing a book like this are bleak." Because of all this, Brown's ministry organization decided to create EqualTime Books, and publish the book themselves.

In response to several appearance requests, Brown has agreed to a speaking tour for the book called: "The Campaign for Religious Tolerance and Intellectual Diversity." This tour will address the extreme prejudice of those who claim to be advocates of tolerance and diversity. Brown (who has been labeled a Nazi, a jihadist, a venom-spewing hater, and an intolerant bigot for graciously differing with the goals of gay activism) noted, "I find it ironic that people have refused to work with me because they were, in their words, 'inclusive,' while other groups have boycotted conservative religious speakers because they were 'pro-diversity.'" For Brown, the goal is simple, "I want to put the information on the table and have a mutually respectful discussion with those who disagree with me." He asks, "How can it hurt if we talk? Whatever happened to gracious public discourse and dialogue? Is the only side to the story today the gay activist side?"

The official launch of the speaking tour will be at 12 noon on Wednesday, March 23rd in the Lisagor Room of the National Press Club news conference.

To request a complimentary copy of A Queer Thing Happened to America or to schedule an interview with Dr. Michael Brown, please contact: Domenick Nati at or 530-346-3342. More information can be found on and Brown can also be heard as the host of "The Line of Fire" a daily, nationally syndicated talk radio program.