National SportsFan Appreciation Day

First Annual National SportsFan Appreciation Day is set for July 14th, 2010.

Fanocity believes that every Fan is entitled to a total entertainment experience at an affordable cost for all members of the family.

Fanocity believes that every Fan should receive the very best in competition, entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage for their purchasing power.

Fanocity believes that every Fan, in exchange for their undying loyalty year after year, deserves a single Annual Day of Appreciation where that loyalty is recognized and rewarded.

To that end, Fanocity has created an online Petition for the creation of the National SportsFan Appreciation Day. The First Annual Day is set for July 14th, 2010.

Each yeat, the sporting community goes black for 1 day, and that is the Wednesday following the MLB All Star game, when no professional sports games are payed. We are seeking to make this "Black Wednesday" the buying opportunity for fans to take advantage of special sales, unique purchasing opportunites, giveaways by teams, etc. It will be THE shopping day for sportsfans, as Black Friday is for the holiday season.

Pleas check for more details on how to sign the petition and how to win FREE tickets to the 2010 NBA and MLB All Star games.

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