National Safety Shelters Encourages Congress to Consider Investment in Safety Pods as Part of Capitol Spending Bill

National Safety Shelters offers the capability to provide each member of Congress with instant, near-absolute protection inside their offices from personal safety pods.

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National Safety Shelters (NSS), an American manufacturer of customizable safety pods, shelters and safe rooms, has officially announced their candidacy to potentially be appropriated a small fraction of the $2 billion Capitol Security Bill passed by the House and Senate. These funds would be allocated toward the installation of personal safety pods for every member of Congress and all Federal judges. The bill, which was passed on July 29, was created in response to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

According to NPR, of the $2 billion, $250 million is being earmarked for safeguards to the Capitol Complex to ramp up physical security and $157.5 million for addressing security threats to federal judges and court facilities. 

The National Safety Shelters team attributes both the Capitol riots and the rise in gun violence across the country in 2021 for the rising need for a look into increased and improved security measures for public officials. Threats to members of Congress have doubled in 2021, and several members have suffered emotionally from the traumatic experiences during the attack. A true sense of security and peace of mind is imperative for all members of Congress and Federal Judges.

The NSS-proposed security measures include the protection of all 535 Members at the Capitol Complex without restricting access to the building, the protection of the 535 Members at District Offices, and the protection of the 890 Federal Judges at their local offices. Near-absolute protection is provided by the installation of small, individual safety pods in each members' or judges' offices, with larger shelters possibly installed in other strategic locations.

The NSS solution tier costs are estimated as follows: 

Scope - at minimum, protect all 535 Members of Congress and all 890 Federal judges with individual safety pods



Install Hide-Away Safety Pod in Individual Capitol offices

$8 to 9 million

Install Larger Shelters in Common Areas

$1 to 2 million

Install Pods in District Offices

$8 to 9 million

Install Pods in Judges' Offices/Courthouses

$13 to 15 million


$30 to 35 million

*Ballpark figures depending on multiple factors. Each tier can be implemented gradually and not all tiers need to be selected together to enhance security. 

The safety pods offered by National Safety Shelters are a life-saving solution that does not require the restriction of access to key buildings — public or otherwise. The pods are easily assembled on-site, which is necessary in existing buildings to accommodate the differently sized offices in the Capitol Complex and elsewhere. 

National Safety Shelter's safety pods are made with quarter-inch, military-grade NIJ Level III ballistic American steel, a feature unique in the industry. Ballistic steel prevents the penetration of handguns, shotguns, and high-powered semi-automatic assault rifles like the AK-47 and AR-15. These safety pods are also built with an outward-swinging door and a bullet-proof window. Many competitors' doors swing inward, which limits capacity, presents additional challenges for handicapped accessibility, and can be dangerous during a tornado or bomb blast. 

"Out of the $2.1 billion allocated for Capitol security, $730 million will pay for services already rendered: services like the National Guard and Capitol Police, with no remaining tangible assets to provide future security," said Dennis Corrado, President of National Safety Shelters. He added, "The safety pod solution, with a modest estimated $30 to$35 million one-time cost, provides a permanent, fail-safe solution with virtually no recurring costs. It amounts to less than 1.5% of the total spending bill, providing safety without restricting physical access to any of the venues protected. It is truly a win-win scenario."

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National Safety Shelters provides state-of-the-art shelters for protection from active shooters, explosive devices (IEDs), tornadoes and earthquakes. 

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