National Radon Action Month 2012 Is Here

The Environmental Protection Agency has allotted January 2012 as the Radon Action month to keep at bay health related risks caused by radon gas.

Lansdale, PA Based upon the recent reports given by World Health Organization, radon gas is responsible for more than 20,000 deaths in US alone and 100, 000 death across the globe. 15% of lung cancer disease is caused by radon gas and it is the second cause of lung cancer next to smoking. The World Health Organization and various non-volunteer organizations have now swung into action to create awareness among people about radon gas and the effects caused by it. Radon gas( ) causes more death every year than other home hazards.

Spokesperson for radon month commented, "Radon is a chemical element which is radioactive, colorless, tasteless and odorless. It belongs to the family of noble gases and it is the most stable isotope with a half life period of 3.8 days. It causes various health hazards because of its radioactivity nature and it has been found in various research and studies done by scientists. Radon remains active for millions of years with the same amount of concentration causing various health hazards. Research by scientist has shown breathing large amount of radon causes lung cancer and various other diseases. Every year an average of 21, 000 people die from lung cancer and out of them 2,900 people have never smoked even a single time. Our motto is to create awareness among people about various side effects caused by Radon. We also teach them the various preventive measure and steps which can be taken to prevent radon gas from affecting people."

He also added that, "Radon gas is the main cause for ionizing and radiation which takes place in public and the dose of radiation varies from one place to another. Radon gas can easily get accumulated on various places including confined areas, basements of buildings and many more places. In addition it is also found in spring water and hot springs, it is inhaled by people without their knowledge. High concentration of radon can cause cancer but if proper measures are taken at the right time it can be prevented to a great extent."

January 2012 is the National Radon Month( ) and various campaigns are conducted to create awareness about radon gas and its side effects.

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