National Pro is Releasing a Beer With 15g of Protein

With an increasing number of physically active beer lovers, National Pro has crafted an alternative beer for recovery and muscle growth

National Pro Protein Fortified Pale Ale

National Pro Beer, a start-up company, has launched a groundbreaking beer; turning the heads of athletes and active beer drinkers alike. 

National Pro Beer is fortified with 15g of protein to aid in muscle growth, strength, and recovery. This post-workout beverage is unlike any other, allowing athletes to recover while they relax.  

"National Pro is the only beer brewed for those who live actively. When developing the beer, we wanted something you didn't feel guilty drinking after a workout. This health beer provides the lift you need after a hard day's work. The world is filled with athletes giving up a brewski to excel. But here at National Pro, athletic prowess, and the love for a cold one, coexist as one." 

No other beer company is providing a protein beer for those who work hard and live actively. National Pro is challenging consumers: "What can your beer do for you?" Beer is an ancient beverage and, until now, has had limited innovation or groundbreaking results. Consumers no longer have to browse through beers that all carry the same outcome. National Pro is changing beer as we know it. Why indulge in a craft beer that leaves your stomach full when you could have a beer that leaves your muscles full?

About National Pro

A company based on hard work and loyalty, National Pro runs its operations in small-town Southern Maryland with a big-time product to change the beer industry. National Pro was founded in 2018 and is quickly making a splash in the beer industry with its innovative protein beer

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