National Power Women Alliance Created to Empower Businesses Globally

Power Women Alliance

Four women entrepreneurs in STEM: Y'vonne Ormond, CEO of 5P Consulting, Nancy Ridge, President of Ridge Innovative, Deborah Ward, CEO of Televergence Solutions, and Cate Heaman, CEO of Prelude Solutions, have joined forces to empower their clients' business outcomes through digital solutions. These women have established the Power Women Alliance for the sole purpose of bringing a unique combined value to organizations across the globe. 

"The Power Women Alliance represents a new ecosystem program that supports today's line of business buyers," says Nancy Ridge. "Together, we bring solutions that serve the customer directly."

"Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop providing value to prospective buyers and our combined clients, so they don't have to hunt around for multiple solutions, providers, and products. Our trusted partnership and ecosystem bring a full portfolio of solutions," says Y'vonne Ormond.

"Excited to work with this team of innovative women. By collaborating together and thinking outside the box, we're able to provide the best business outcomes for our customers," says Deb Ward.

"Having a technology ecosystem of women-owned businesses delivering innovation strategies, services, solutions, and savings to clients is so powerful on so many levels," says Cate Heaman.

With combined decades of experience and global reach, the four founders of Ridge Innovative, Televergence, Prelude Solutions, and 5P Consulting are addressing all aspects of todays' complex environments. Their solutions optimize, mitigate, manage and secure IT environments. As women-owned businesses, their mission is to fuel economic growth globally by delivering world-class products and services to companies that demonstrate their support for women entrepreneurs.

About Ridge Innovative: Founded by Nancy Ridge, Ridge Innovative helps you source, save, secure, support, and achieve your business outcomes using the latest technology. For more information check out or contact Nancy at 

About Televergence: Founded by Deborah Ward, Televergence is a nationwide telecommunications carrier providing premium Toll-Free & Long-Distance service to companies with mission-critical needs. To find out more, check out or reach out to Deborah for more information at

About Prelude Solutions: Founded by Cate Heaman, Prelude Solutions is a woman-owned telecommunications consulting company that performs an in-depth analysis of your communication services and systems with the objective of reducing costs through pure savings, credits, erroneous charges, and service realignment. To find out more, check out or reach out to Cate for more information at

About 5P Consulting: Y'vonne founded 5P Consulting in 2016 and provides business architecture, data architecture, and cloud infrastructure solutions to businesses of all sizes. 5P Consulting is all about the client: small enough to provide personal attention and large enough to execute quick wins through their 5P framework. To find out more, check out or reach out to Y'vonne for more information at 

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