National Marketing Company Expands Discounted E-Gift Card Program to Corporations

Turnkey Program Targets CRM Platforms For Acquisition and Retention

Florida-based Madison Marketing Agency has expanded its popular e-gift card program from a regional platform to a national phenomenon. The program offers gift recipients the choice of over 60 popular retailers all on one selection site. Available to both private and public corporations to use for incentives, the program's surging popularity has been driven by the lower costs from the elimination of plastic card processing and standard mail postage.

The increased security of email vs. mail delivery is also attractive to clients. While the voucher-based program provides the convenience and security of email, an option does exist for standard mail notification as well. Usage by companies is typically associated with new customer acquisition, retention, upgrades, payment method conversions, loyalty programs, contests, and surveys. Clients simply send secure files to Madison, and the rest is in the cloud. The recipient can print it, have it scanned from a smartphone at the retailer, or use the code at checkout while shopping online.

"What surprises our clients the most is how turnkey the program is for them," said Anne-Marie Wiley, Vice President of Madison Marketing Agency. "It's incredibly easy to integrate the program into existing marketing, or even create new channels. Of course, clients like the substantially lower cost of the program too, but what I hear the most is how happy they are with the improved customer experience - you simply can't put a price on customer retention at a time when consumers have more and more choices of who to do business with. They love it."

The clients and gift recipients aren't the only winners in this e-gift card revolution - the businesses love customers that have them because they know that someone coming in with one is likely to spend more than what’s on there. But what really separates the e-gift card from plastic is the discount to the purchaser, the ease of buying and sending them quickly in bulk, and the flexibility to the recipient (the freedom to get what they want). Integrate this with a slick marketing plan, and you've got a classy all-in-one program wrapped up with a bow around it.

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