National Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service Company Expands to Boston continues to expand its grocery shopping and delivery service, now to include the Boston area. Associate Owner Stephanie Pursley will oversee the local operations.

We Go Shop...So You Don't Have To!

​​​​​The good old days of the corner store bag boy delivering your groceries to your door have long since gone, but there is a new company in town willing to provide personalized grocery shopping and delivery to your home or office, from any of your favorite local stores.   

The main purpose and ultimate goal of is to eliminate all the countless hours you spend shopping for your groceries and household supplies, standing in line, and fighting traffic. Associate Owner Stephanie Pursley said, "So many people these days are pushing their free time to the limit. Unfortunately, the time that is lost is time that cannot be recovered adequately. By using our service you can spend your time doing the things you really enjoy. In just minutes you can order your groceries online or by phone and we will have them delivered right to your door, from your favorite local store"   

Saving money is easy when you can avoid impulse shopping and unwanted trips to fast food restaurants and convenience stores. There are no mark-ups on grocery items, you simply pay the same amount that the supermarket of your choice charges for the groceries you order, plus the modest service fee and will deliver them!   

Pursley said, "I saw a need for this type of service in our area and since no one else has sought to provide it, on the level that we will, I researched the possibility and decided on operating a business with a well established grocery shopping and delivery company,, to fill that void."    

The website says that they are well aware of how important it is that the food you serve your family is of the highest quality. Not only do they guarantee that each order is handled individually by someone from their shopping team, who understand the meaning of quality and value, but they will select each item in your order keeping in mind your highest standards, as if they were shopping for themselves. "One of the most important factors in food preparation is the freshness of the ingredients. When you place your grocery order with us we make sure that every item that you have on your list is hand picked and of course of the best quality and that it comes directly from the local store of your choice without any unnecessary delays.” Pursley said.   

You can open an order for delivery up to seven days ahead which allows you to save time to make meal plans in advance or to plan for that 'special occasion'. You will also get to enjoy total freedom of choice. allows you to select your particular brand of groceries as well as the store or stores they come from.   

Saving everyone time and money is only a part of the goal. There is no club to join and no registration fee for the first quality service that offers to the local and surrounding area.   

For more information about personalized grocery shopping and delivery, you can reach by calling toll free 1-877-934-6746 ext. 55, or you can also visit them online by going to the web site.   



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