National Geographic Learning Invited to Attend OESIS-CERNET Beijing Conference

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National Geographic Learning (NGL), a part of Cengage and a leading educational publisher of school, higher education, English Language Teaching, library and reference materials, was invited to attend and speak in OESIS-CERNET Beijing Conference, which is co-hosted by Online Education Symposium for Independent School (OESIS), a dynamic network of over 550 independent schools and over 2,500 leading education innovators in US, and the state-owned education group under China Education & Research Network, which runs the first nationwide education and research computer network in China funded by the MOE. There are some 400 educators, school principals and academia from international schools, English Language Teaching (ELT) institutes and ELT/ESL solution providers attended the conference which is one of the largest professional events in teaching innovation in K12 sector. 

Michael Cahill, Regional Director of National Geographic Learning was invited to speak in the conference. He shared the important role that textbook plays in the transformation of ELT to a student-centered learning experience. Nowadays, ELT encounters significant changes in the internet-reshaped society, where students’ acquiring of knowledge has been boosted and diversified by internet and digital tools. Pedagogy-wise, learning knowledge through language is progressively replacing the concept and practice of learning language for language only. That is the reason why NGL series textbooks, such as Our World, Pathways, Edge, Life become widely-adopted in China’s ELT institutes and international schools.  

“NGL series are committed with the idea that brings the world to the classroom and the classroom to life via the rich resources of National Geographic, in terms of impressive images, audios/videos and prestigious content providers and authors. These are what we differentiate with other textbooks, and why we have so many student fans. We believe that picture tells story, and story makes learning exciting. NG series could not only broaden students’ eyesight and knowledge, but also cultivate them to be a truly global citizen by understanding the world in more angles.” said Michael in the speech. 

In the 2-days conference, Michael also meets Mr. Zhu Yidong, President of CERNET education, the exclusive distributor of Pathways, NGL’s most famous series in China. Both parties exchanged their views on the existing cooperation projects and how to better facilitate teachers use the series and maximize its effectiveness in 2017. 

“We’re pleased to have CERNET as our exclusive partner for the distribution of Pathways again. Our cooperation now turns to be a success which started some 9 years ago, CERNET’s insight of China education market and its close relationship with China’s public school system are the great assets. And we’re looking forward to bring exciting learning experience to more Chinese students with the help of CERNET in the oncoming 2017.” said Alison Wang, China regional manager of NGL.  

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National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage, is a leading educational publisher of school, higher education, English Language Teaching, library and reference materials. At National Geographic Learning, we believe that an engaged and motivated learner will be a successful one, and we design our materials to motivate. We believe that learning can be exciting, inspiring, and transformational.

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