National Fashion Resale Retailer Crossroads Trading Offers Sustainable, Affordable, Secondhand Fashion for Holiday Dressing and Gifting

Crossroads Trading Secondhand Holiday Fashion

Buyer and seller of secondhand apparel and accessories, Crossroads Trading offers a sustainable alternative to the fashion/textile industry, which is the second most polluting in the world after oil. With 28 years in business and 37 locations across the country, Crossroads Trading is an established brick-and-mortar based fashion resale retailer.

This holiday season, let secondhand fashion save the day - and planet.  Holiday/special occasion apparel and accessories are typically worn the least number of times before being resold, hence, they are the best values on the racks. Barely worn holiday styles that would have originally sold for a high price can be found at Crossroads Trading for a fraction of the cost. Crossroads Trading Director of Communications Gina Nowicki explains. “Why spend a fortune on a silky slip dress, velvet blazer or maxi dress - that you’ll wear maybe once! - when you can pick up something in our stores that has been worn once or twice and will make you look like a million bucks? Our customers are the smartest shoppers - they know they don’t need to spend a lot of money to look super chic. And with our brick-and-mortar stores, customers can try the clothes on before buying - a big advantage over online shopping.”

Additionally, as secondhand fashion is being embraced by Millennials and Gen Z, there is no longer a stigma to buying - and gifting! - secondhand fashion.  It's the biggest trend in fashion, with shoppers rejecting fast fashion. Gifting a gently worn handbag or cozy cashmere sweater that has zero impact on the earth will make you look like the most thoughtful gift-giver this season.

See Crossroads Trading’s locations across the country here. More about the fashion industry and climate change here.  

Melissa Davis at Ruby Press

Source: Crossroads Trading


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