National Bully Prevention Week

Why do Children Become Cyberbullies?Some bullies hold a grudge against their victim,or want to emotionally hurt another. Many times kids who want to be accepted will bully others in an attempt to gain power. If kids fight back they may be called

Now that public school is in full swing, so are the allegations and incidences of bullying. What used to be mainly a playground issue has now reached epidemic proportions as cellphones and daily internet use are in the lives of most children.

Schools deal with the issue of harassment through text messaging and online instant messaging every day. But, many adults do not realize just how often children are being bullied online or through texting.

Too afraid to tell their parents, children try to deal the problem of cyberbullying themselves. They often only getting their parents or other adults involved when the situation gets out of control and the child is helpless to do anything about it alone.

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