National BIG READ of 'Solving the Race Issue in America'

New Paradigm Publishing and Dr. Dennis Rogers, Chairman/CEO of Student Leadership Development, LLC, announced the nationwide BIG READ of “Solving The Race Issue In America” by H. J. Harris.

The BIG READ is a program of live daily readings from H. J. Harris' book "Solving The Race Issue In America" by high school, college students and citizens.

There will be 29 live online sessions starting Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, continuing Monday through Friday, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. (EST), through Feb. 26, 2021 – the last Friday in Black History Month. Each session has a live reading followed by discussions and Q&A.

According to Dr. Rogers, the goal of the BIG READ is to actively engage students - especially during this stage of remote learning - by having them read and learn about America’s legacy of racism.

Dr. H. J. Harris, author of “Solving The Race Issue In America,” explains, “the BIG READ is a very instructive way to commemorate both Dr. Marin Luther King’s birthday and Black History Month.”

“In this pandemic period, students will benefit from real-time interaction and discussions on the critical and impactful issue of race in America,” continues Harris.

Students and citizens who would like to participate may get more information at

A major objective of THE BIG READ is to prepare the next generation of leaders to navigate a divided nation and determine a way forward.

Dr. Rogers states that “the live readings and the facilitated discussions can help the healing process of solving racism in this country.”

“It is the young people who will be on the front lines of the racial transformation that is now taking place in America,” continues Dr. Rogers.

Scholarships are available to students. To recommend a student, email with name, contact information, and statement of interest.

“Solving the Race Issue in America” gives a powerful and concise overview of America’s legacy of racism. It provides key information and a fresh perspective needed to begin the healing process of solving racism in this country. This book reveals historical and current truths about racism in America and offers a spiritual solution and process for healing our nation.

Dr. Harris states, “the BIG READ can serve to supplement live Dr. Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month activities – especially because of the pandemic.”

“At the completion of the BIG READ, each participant will receive a personal Certificate of Participation,” states Dr. Harris.

Numerous companies and organizations will participate as sponsors, mentors, and hosts to facilitate this national endeavor and encourage students to be a part of the solution.

More information is available on Eventbrite at:

To request a review copy of “Solving The Race Issue In America,” or for more information, email: or call Dr. Harris at 800-570-4009.

“Solving The Race Issue In America,” ISBN 978-1-890199-07-4 paperback ($16.95) available through Amazon and Ingram.

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