Nation 21 Loans Gives Back to Society With New Scholarship Program

Socially responsible lending solution company giving $2,500 scholarship award for higher education students

Students pursuing higher studies in the academic year 2017-2018 will receive financial aid from The financial boost comes in appreciation of the economic hardships students face in pursuit of advanced education.

In a move to give back to society, Nation 21 offers the $2,500 scholarship award to five candidates who get $500 each to cover educational costs through the year 2017. Nation 21 aims at boosting talent support and inculcating of entrepreneurial skills for future generations and personal development through this corporate social responsibility project.

The successful scholarship candidate will get the award amount twice through the appointed academic year, an amount sufficient to support culmination of the lucky scholar’s aspirations.

Eligibility for Students

Nation 21 grew the scholarship idea in line with the objective to contribute to the achievement of a 100% literate society in the United States. Out of the realization that such literacy levels can only come through rendering additional financial support to gifted and enterprising students, the organization established the scholarship program.

Students wishing to apply for the award should have a GPA score of 3.5 or more, with preference shown for those with a GPA of 4. The award is available to U.S. citizens only, enrolled in full-time academic programs in accredited U.S. educational institutions.

The organization welcomes applications from seniors, high school juniors, and graduates of good academic standing. The company aspires to create a generation of educated entrepreneurs who will transform the U.S. economy. As such, every candidate must identify a business goal and ways of achieving it. The candidate should submit that in an 800-word essay along with the application for the scholarship.

Application Procedure

Nation 21 remains keen on talent development, which shines through in the set application procedures guiding the idea behind the founding of the program.

The conditions described on the organization’s website require the prospective candidate to create an infographic, essay or video on the topic "Why Financial Literacy is Important for Students about Student Loans & Current Economy" Or "Machine Learning in Finance — Machine Learning Vs. Quants" (For Engineering Students Only).

More details on application instructions advise the students to submit an essay of not more than 1000 words on the appointed topic. Whether the student chooses to write an essay or to create a video or infographic, the ideas presented should be original and never previously submitted anywhere else.

Additionally, applications should have an accompanying cover letter bearing the applicant's personal and academic details, contacts and intended field of further study.

Successful candidates for this competitive grant should expect to receive communication by phone or email, or both before January 5, 2018. Regardless, Nation 21 Loans promises to send a formal acknowledgment to every applicant for the sponsorship. Submission of applications will close on October 31, 2017, with the announcement of winners set for December 31, 2017. For more information, applicants can visit

About the Company

Nation 21 draws from a wealth of experience in the corporate world to spot a deserving candidate for the award with ease. The organization, though not a lender, works in the credit industry to link private lenders with clients in need of fast and affordable loans.

The onboard experts and 24/7 support offer valuable advice and technical assistance to anyone seeking to navigate the treacherous strategy of engaging private lenders where the involvement of banks proves futile. Through such services, borrowers achieve financial objectives while avoiding the frustrations characteristic of the banking lending systems.

Contact for scholarships and Support

Phone: 1-804-631-3267

Source: Nation 21


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