Natalia Gorjatschew Getting the Community Together for a Go-Kart Race

Natalia Gorjatschew, Natalia Gorjatschew Lincoln County, Natalia Gorjatschew Oregon

​Natalia Gorjatschew, a nurse, is planning to get the community together for a go-kart race to raise funds for families with children who suffer from autism.

Natalia started volunteering for various organizations when she was just 18 years old, and she heard that one of her cousins was a volunteer at a local organization in Santa Monica.

She decided to become a volunteer after her cousin told her how rewarding it was to use your free time to help others.

"At first, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I really wanted to give my life some purpose. I wanted to make an impact and help others live a better life. My cousin told me about how rewarding it was to work as a volunteer, and I decided to become one as well."

When asked why she decided to help children suffering from autism, she shared her experience with patients who were suffering from autism and their potential.

"Autism is a spectrum, and despite what most people think, a large percentage of children suffering from autism can live normal lives if they go through special programs. The problem with these programs is that they last years. A kid that's in a program is recommended to stay in it for years. Unfortunately, not many parents can afford these programs, and many children lose their only chance to live a life where they are taught how to control their symptoms."

After years of working as a nurse with children in the hospital, she decided to participate in various meetings regarding the future of these children and how certain organizations can help their families pay for expensive training programs.

"We knew we had to do something. This is when I came up with the idea of a go-kart race. People here love these races, and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to raise some funds that would later be used for programs meant to help autistic children".

"We plan on hiring a transportation company who offers a bus to transport the children to the facility where the classes are being held."

She spoke to the local authorities about what can be done.

"I feel accomplished when I help others. My life seems purposeless when I don't work towards making a real impact on other people's lives. This is what I want to accomplish as a nurse and a volunteer. I am also glad to say I am not alone. I have a team of wonderful people who work along with me to help others at no cost."

At the moment, Natalia is still working as a nurse. In her free time, she volunteers for a number of causes, including environmental rights.

There aren't many people who choose to dedicate their free time to give a hand to others, but Natalia and her team give hope that there are still enough big-hearted humans who make helping others their life mission.

Natalia Gorjatschew enjoys helping people. To view another article on Natalia Gorjatschew, please click here.

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