Natalia Denegri Begins a New Season of 'Warrior Hearts'

Her Journalistic Solidarity Program Prepares to Launch a New Season Full of Humanitarian Missions in the United States, Ukraine, Venezuela and Argentina, and the Return to In-Person Discussions with Children in Her Fully Renovated, Colorful Studio in Miami

Natalia Denegri at Warrior Hearts

After two years of recording the show online-only, to protect kids and adults from Covid-19, Natalia Denegri and her team have finally returned to the studio to produce an entirely new season of "Warrior Hearts," her journalistic and solidarity-centered show for kids and winner of many Suncoast Emmy awards.

This season, as in each episode of the show, the main topics will center around kids and solidarity with others. For the first time in two years, Natalia Denegri was able to meet live and in-person with a new group of curious, fun, solidarity-minded kids, with whom she spoke to about a diverse range of issues including recycling, family life, bullying and a healthy diet. And just like in previous years of the show, there will be lots of humanitarian help sent around the world, through foundations in the United States, Latin America and Ukraine.

The newest edition of "Warrior Hearts" will also feature the adventures of Vero and Simon - the show's friendly Muppets - and new, original songs to sing along with, filled with Latin rhythms and inspirational messages. 

"It is a pleasure to be able to launch a new season of this wonderful show, which has a positive message for Hispanic families. Being back at the studio and talking to the kids live was really magical. It was one of the things I missed the most, and I believe everyone will be able to see that and enjoy it. This year we're back and stronger than ever!" said Denegri after wrapping filming in Doral, Florida.


Since the beginning, Denegri has put great emphasis on the humanitarian missions they embark on through the show, with the support of Hasbro Toys and the Hassenfeld Family Foundation, for which she is the spokesperson in Latin America.

This year, the missions will partner with many non-profit organizations in the United States, such as the Santa Ana Foundation, Sun.Risas Foundation, Degania Foundation, Voices for Children Foundation, Forza Stefano Foundation and Friends of Kids with Cancer International Foundation, as well as the 'Fundareñas' Foundation in Costa Rica, which works to protect, preserve and restore the region's natural habitat.

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Source: Warrior Hearts