Nashville Group on Company Culture and the Holidays

The fourth quarter of the year is a busy season for the interactive marketing industry. As such, the team from Nashville Group has been busy coordinating efforts to stay productive while enjoying the holidays.

“We have a tight-knit crew here at Nashville Group,” stated Andrew K., the firm’s CEO. “We often have team social nights and other events that help us build closer bonds. The holidays simply accentuate that spirit in which we’ve cultivated our firm’s culture.”

Productivity tends to wane during the holidays, and Andrew noted that the Nashville Group team takes a proactive approach to holiday season motivation. “We recognize that people enjoy vacationing during this time of year,” he said. “Therefore, we try to accommodate schedules as much as possible, while ensuring we have ample coverage to serve the brands we represent.”

As the team embraces diversity, Andrew suggested that members are respectful of each other’s holiday celebrations and traditions as well. “We make an effort to be inclusive of the different observations this time of year, both with scheduling and with our in-office celebrations,” he explained. “It’s important to remember that not everyone’s traditions are the same. We also recognize that the holidays can be more difficult for those who are already under stress or who have experienced loss. Sensitivity is always important, more so this time of year when there always seems to be more pressure to be happy.”

Nashville Group CEO on How to Make Spirits Bright

While the Nashville Group associates incorporate some seasonal spirit into their team nights, Andrew acknowledged that the holidays offer opportunities to spread the joy even further. “There are many ways to serve the community this time of year,” he said. “Of course, food drives and toy drives are popular. However, there are some creative ways to make a difference and enjoy holiday celebrations at the same time.”

“You can make one of your events a trip to a children’s hospital, a nursing home, or a VA hospital,” said Andrew. “This way, you’re bringing cheer to those who might otherwise have a sad holiday. Coordinate your efforts with the hospital staff and ask their advice. Bring small gifts that would be appreciated. Host a party in a floor’s waiting room or the dining hall.”

Another idea Andrew suggested is to adopt a family. “Ask a local homeless shelter if there is a family in need and what they’d like for gifts,” he said. “You can purchase and deliver them. It’s always more meaningful when you can envision the people you are helping.”

As Andrew concluded “From our team to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a prosperous 2016.”

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