Nashville Apartment Locator Doubles Sales Opportunities Using Omniquo's AI Based Sales & Marketing Software

Real estate brokers make money when they sell and lease real property. If it were only that easy! A sale has always required qualifying large numbers of prospects. When it comes to qualifying potential sales and leasing leads that call into the brokerage, brokers have had two options in the past. They can qualify those leads themselves, which takes up valuable time when they really should be in the field selling, or they can hire a real estate assistant to qualify the incoming leads. Even highly motivated real estate assistants find qualifying incoming leads an exhausting and boring chore.

Omniquo's industry leading artificial intelligence (AI) based product OMNIQ solves this problem. OmniIQ creates a virtual assistant that works on your sales agent’s behalf by engaging with the prospects. The virtual assistant will contact, engage with, and qualify potential clients. It is able to understand and respond to written communication via email and SMS and will engage with the potential client until an intent or interest to purchase is identified or the lead is disqualified. This outcome may be a scheduled meeting with you, the broker, or a future follow up. 

According to Omniquo’s CEO "Sunny" Hemant Gosain:

“Omniquo’s AI based virtual assistant represents transformational technology for the real estate broker.  It frees him/her from the mundane and boring but necessary chore of qualifying prospects, transforming them into actual leads who have the intent to actually lease or purchase real property.”

When Joel Sanders of Nashville Apartment Locators used Omniquo's virtual assistant, he found that his business was able to double sales opportunities by quadrupling sales engagements.

Joel discovered that Omniquo's virtual assistant, Hannah responded consistently to queries that he got from the web and was able to convert potential leads into qualified sales leads with a scheduled meeting success rate of 36% of the time while the industry standard was only 17%. Thus, using Omniquo's OmniIQ software product, your brokerage could more than double its qualified rental leads and correspondingly boosting pipeline opportunity.

Omniquo's virtual assistant engaged with around 450 leads in 6 months. Prior to using OmniIQ, most live human email interactions used to fizzle out after the second contact attempt without any type of response from a lead. With OmniIQ, the success rate speaks for itself. Hannah was able to get a 41% response in the first attempt and 33% response in cases beyond her second contact attempt. In her last contact attempt, Hannah was able to get 12% responses. If Hannah had not consistently followed through beyond the second contact attempt about one-third of the incoming leads would've gone wasted.

“I was amazed by the persistence and success of the Hannah. All sales professionals understand that diplomatic persistence is key to winning the sale, but it’s rare that a real estate assistant has the drive or time to be so dogged. I’m extremely pleased with the real world sales produced by Omniquo’s Virtual Assistant - Hannah.” said Joel from Nashville Apartments.

For small- or medium-sized brokerages, Omniquo offers a plan of 500 active conversations per month.  Larger brokerages can select a more aggressive plan which offers 3000 active conversations per month.  If more than 3000 active conversations are desired per month, Omniquo also offers a pay as you go model. Please contact Samantha at Omniquo at

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Omniquo is an artificial intelligence (AI) company in Silicon Valley. Omniquo provides AI software suite (based off of our own proprietary AI platform) that powers the functions of Sales, Marketing and Service including intelligent agents that can automate across multiple systems.

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Nashville Apartment Locators are licensed apartment market experts for Nashville, Tennessee, and its surrounding areas. They help people find apartments through their 100% free and hyper-personalized apartment locating approach.

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Omniquo provides artificial intelligence based solutions to drive automation in Sales, Marketing, Service and transactional productivity.

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