NASH kNOWledge Adds David Garcia, PhD as New Board Member

Spanish-Language Website Launched

David Garcia, Phd

As NASH kNOWledge celebrates its fourth year helping to spread education and awareness about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, it has a couple of important announcements. David O. Garcia, PhD, FACSM, has joined the NASH kNOWledge Board of Directors. Dr. Garcia will help provide greater insights into the needs of the Hispanic/Latino community. Many surveys have indicated that Hispanics/Latinos, particularly Mexican descent, are highly at risk for NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) and NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis). His addition to the NASH kNOWledge team will help expand its reach to more people that need to be aware of this life-threatening disease. To help these individuals even further, NASH kNOWledge has launched a new, all-Spanish language website tailored to the needs of the Hispanic/Latino communities. is an essential tool loaded with resources that are downloadable and free of charge. Everyone who is interested is invited to spend a few moments and learn more.

The launching of the new website coincides with Hispanic Heritage month. In addition to NASH kNOWledge's current partnerships and outreach programs, Dr. Garcia will be enhancing those efforts with his vast knowledge and expertise. Dr. Garcia is an Associate Professor in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. He has extensive experience in short and long-term intervention trials in the areas of physical activity, diet, and weight management. Dr. Garcia received his training from leading institutions and mentors in the field. In addition, he has designed and implemented trials as a lead investigator focused on reducing obesity-related health disparities among Mexican-origin adults. Dr. Garcia is among the first to develop gender and culturally sensitive weight loss interventions for Hispanic males. More recently, he has focused on examining the prevalence of NAFLD and associated risk factors in the U.S.-Mexico border region. 

These new endeavors are just the next steps that NASH kNOWledge is taking to bring public awareness of NAFLD and NASH. NASH kNOWledge is proud to have come so far in its first four years and looks forward to the next steps to slow this disease. For more information about NASH kNOWledge and to help by donating or spreading the message, please visit Be sure to follow NASH kNOWledge on social media and stay informed on the latest news.


Gina Villiotti, Executive Director


Source: NASH kNOWledge