Narconon Latinoamerica Recognized by the Municipal President of Villa Victoria in Recognition of 6th Anniversary

Narconon Latinoamerica renews their commitment to helping individuals and communities suffering from addiction

Municipal President of Villa Victoria acknowledges Narconon Latinoamerica

Municipal President of Villa Victoria, Mr. Raúl Asencio Pilar, presented Narconon Latinoamerica with a special recognition along with a letter of appreciation to honor its six years of dedicated service to the community.

The President stated, "This global event [the pandemic] has taken its toll on vulnerable populations, with addiction becoming the refuge. Overdose deaths are at an all-time high and are spreading throughout communities in Mexico. It is always welcome and comforting to have organizations like Narconon Latinoamerica that offer effective solutions to the drug abuse crisis. It is clear to me that at Narconon Latinamerica, there is a team of professionals who are at the forefront of addiction rehabilitation."

Mexico is no stranger to the devasting effects of addiction. The scenario is far worse in the urban areas of the country, especially for the most vulnerable population—the youth of Mexico. The World Drug Report 2021 produced by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime noted far higher levels of drug use in urban areas in Mexico than in rural areas; for example, school surveys done with youth showed drug use 60% higher in urban areas.

To compound this problem further, as COVID-19 spread through the country, desperately needed treatment facilities started to either closedown or reduce their services. The report noted that a month after the first COVID-19 case was reported in Mexico, experts saw an interruption in drug treatment services across the country. Treatment facilities that managed to remain open were primarily for emergencies and the heavy load was resting on the shoulders of limited personnel.

Amidst this backdrop of rising addiction and disruption of vital treatment services, the staff of Narconon Latinoamerica made the decision to remain open to continue to serve those in need of rehabilitation. In the last year and a half, the center has kept its doors open to provide lifesaving services to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The center has utilized cutting-edge sanitization procedures used by hospitals to maintain a safe environment. In addition, the center has reached out to community partners such as the municipal government of Villa Victoria to share these procedures to sanitize public facilities. Throughout this period, Narconon Latinoamerica continued with its drug addiction awareness-raising work in the community.

Narconon Latinoamerica is an integral part of the Villa Victoria community. Built in 1880, the facility grounds lie on four acres in beautiful Villa Victoria. Narconon Latinoamerica offers one-on-one care and personalized attention to help individuals on their path to a drug-free life.

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