Nantucket Spider's New Product Line Works to Eliminate 100% of Single-Use Plastic Waste From Household Cleaning Products

This new line of laundry and just-add-water cleaning products is plastic-free and 100% biodegradable

Nantucket Spider has been a leading innovator in the market for natural insect repellents for nearly 10 years. The company is now expanding its line to include effective, natural cleaning products and laundry detergent under the brand name "Nantucket Footprint." 

This new line of laundry and just-add-water cleaning products is plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. The products are not only affordable, compact and beautiful but have been made child-resistant to help prevent accidental ingestion by children - something that has become very common in cleaning products.

Nancy Jack and Jeffrey Busch, co-founders of Nantucket Spider, are excited to be launching the new line. "We are so confident that the cleaning products work better than any other environmentally friendly cleaning products that we are offering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee."

These products are easy to use. Simply place the cleaning strips in a glass spray bottle filled with water. The product immediately dissolves and is ready to use. The laundry strips are added directly to a machine in the same way as detergent or laundry pods and work with both regular and high-efficiency washing machines. All products are naturally scented with essential oils. 

Product highlights

  • Products formulated to a cosmetic standard with ingredients sourced for their low toxicity including coconut-derived surfactants and essential oils. Made without artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, methylisothiazolinone or benzisothiazolinone
  • Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaning and Glass & Window strips in a novel and extremely effective format - just the active ingredients without the water
  • Naturally scented with essential oils
  • Affordably priced-laundry costs $.40/load (32/loads per box), spray products cost $3.75 per 16 oz bottle (4 refills per package)

Packaging highlights

  • Plastic-free, biodegradable
  • Small and compact - they store on a shelf like a little stack of books
  • Child-resistant


  • The concentrated cleaning strips come in a light and small package. Strips dissolve in the reusable glass spray bottle for zero-waste convenience 

Retail availability

Available online at, on Amazon and on the shelves at independent natural markets across the USA. 

About Nantucket Spider 

Nancy Jack and Jeffrey Busch are lifelong friends who teamed up in 2013 to create effective natural alternatives to DEET and other chemical insect repellents. Nine years later, Nantucket Spider insect repellents and mosquito and fly repelling garden incense sticks are the top-selling repellent products in the independent natural market channel in the USA. (Source SPINS, LLC)

Now they have put their best thinking into creating the lightest & smallest zero-waste cleaning products on the market. Made with cosmetic-level ingredients, including coconut-derived surfactants and just a hint of essential oils, each ingredient has been thoughtfully sourced for safety and effectiveness. 

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