Nannocare is Helping to Bridge the Gap

Nannocare Inc., a growing feminine hygiene company was concerned about the significant gap in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known as food stamps), Medicaid, and other government programs that assist low-income families – none of these programs cover feminine hygiene necessities.

Homeless and other economically-disadvantaged girls and women struggle each month to meet the challenge of limited access to menstrual products. Period poverty forces a distressing number of girls and women to resort to using torn rags, paper towels, toilet paper, and even old socks. This lack of access to hygiene products puts these women’s health and dignity at risk and has been overlooked for far too long.

Recognizing that menstrual pads are not a “luxury item”, Nannocare decided to do something about it.

Nannocare began a program of donating NannoPads® in December 2018 which entails donating a pack of NannoPad for each unit sold during The Giving Month. Nannocare’s donations program has continued since then with a total of 61,000 NannoPads donated thus far.

Donations have been made to shelters, youth centers, and high school campuses such as:

  • Gardena High School
  • Lynwood High School
  • Midnight Mission
  • Downtown Women’s Center
  • Burbank Temporary Aid Center
  • Salvation Army Hollywood Youth Center​

Nannocare has also donated to the Endometriosis Association, an organization devoted to education, research, and support for women suffering from this painful and often debilitating disease.

Nannocare is grateful for the opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need and has made it a part of their mission statement to continue to give back and help more women in need of access to safe, all-natural and comfortable menstrual products.

“While earning your daily bread, be sure you share a slice with those less fortunate.” (H. Jackson Brown Jr., quoted in P.S. I Love You)

What is NannoPad?

NannoPads are sanitary napkins that contain a proprietary blend of concentrated particles that work with the body’s naturally occurring far infrared energy to improve microcirculation and help relieve menstrual discomfort.

NannoPads are made with hypoallergenic, 100% OCS Certified Organic Cotton and are entirely free of chlorine, pesticides, dyes, and fragrances. These thin and comfortable pads quickly absorb even the heaviest flows and their antibacterial properties can help to decrease odor.

About Nannocare

Nannocare was founded in Los Angeles, California to provide women with an all-natural alternative to medication for the relief of menstrual discomfort.

Through integrating innovative Nannogenic™ technology into their products, Nannocare offers women a natural alternative to drugs and medication. 

Nannogenic technology has been widely practiced by Eastern medical practitioners for hundreds of years and is now incorporated into this industry-changing feminine hygiene product for women.

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Nannocare was founded in Los Angeles, California to provide a healthier and all-natural alternative for the personal care market. NannoPad as its signature product has received numerous appreciation from users in need.