Nancy Gautier-Stuck's New Book 'Makala and Henry's Vacation on the Farm: The Souper Supper Surprise' is an Adorable Tale About Two Siblings Enjoying the Summer on a Farm

Fulton Books author Nancy Gautier-Stuck, a creative spirit, mother, and grandmother, has completed her most recent book "Makala and Henry's Vacation on the Farm: The Souper Supper Surprise": a delightful children's book about two siblings that spend the summer on their grandparent's farm, and all the adventures they get into. 

Gautier-Stuck used her real-life experience to help write this book, "In the early to mid-2000s, while living in the Midwest in Iowa, in the middle of corn country, Nancy found herself with more than enough time to be creative. She decided that the time was right to pursue an interest that she had since grade school — writing children's books."

Published by Fulton Books, Nancy Gautier-Stuck's book follows two siblings, Makala and Henry, as they spend the summer on their grandparent's farm. The pair, along with their grandparents and cousins, share fun and heartwarming adventures on the farm. Readers get to follow the main characters as they spend the summer enjoying their grandparent's farm. 

The adventures Makala and Henry get into are sure to delight readers of all ages. This tale is a wonderful introduction to farm life. Young readers get to see what a typical summer on a farm looks like and watch these engaging characters find joy in their farmhouse summer.

Readers who wish to experience this adorable work can purchase "Makala and Henry's Vacation on the Farm: The Souper Supper Surprise" online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books