Nancy Dell'Olio Enters the Celebrity Big Brother House After the Launch of Her Drink Limonbello

TV Personality Enters the UK Celebrity Big Brother House after launching her drink Limonbello

TV Personality Nancy Dell’Olio enters the Celebrity Big Brother House tonight. Nancy has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds from the public to produce Limonbello, her new version of limoncello last month.

Nancy who is a native Italian, has a passion for food inspired by her parents’ New York restaurant chain. She has spent the past few years working on Limonbello, her own version of limoncello, and now she wants to share it with the world. 

Encouraged after tinkering with real green lemons and her family’s ingredients, Nancy’s new drink Limonbello has a new twist on the traditional libation, starting a line of premium brand drinks. To launch Limonbello a crowd platform will be used to sell pre-ordered bottles and other rewards. This will give consumers the chance to taste the drink and purchase packages with Nancy.

Crowdfunding Opportunity 
·       Offers a £4 voucher to enter a prize draw to spend a full day with Nancy in London
·       One bottle of Limonbello to pre-order for £25, two bottles of Limonbello to pre-order for £45 and six bottles for £140. All prices are in Euro in the campaign page.
·       Crowdfund available until Feb 2016.


1.    Authentic yet healthier recipe of low alkaline constitution by comparison to most alcoholic beverages, which are generally highly acidic.
2.    The process contains only natural products and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
3.    Limonbello is both organic and strong in alcohol content.
4.    Mixes well with other drinks in cocktail form or on its own. Enjoy it on the rocks.
5.    Appealing to both discerning men and women looking for something fresh to complement their meal, or just to savour as a standalone refreshment.

Nancy is seeking to reach her goal of raising £50,000 to start producing Limonbello.

Contact: Anna Stella - BBSA Associates I 207 Regent Street – 3rd Floor – London United Kingdom I M: 07515 122555 I P: 020 7193 4257