Namor The Sub-Mariner Proof of Concept

Hollywood, California - The beginning of 2015 brought about the final touches on "Project Bluefish", a proof of concept created for Marvel Comics' first anti-hero and Atlantean Prince, Namor The Sub-Mariner!

Created by Writer/Actor Benjamin Watts, Director Ethan Teller and Costume Designer John Wrightson, the concept is a full fledged pitch on how they would bring Namor to life if given the green light. It includes a feature treatment for a trilogy of films, an adaptable integration into the current Marvel cinematic universe and character design. This includes five teaser images followed up by five full posters revealing the suit and look of the Sub-Mariner.

"With all the push backs and red tape hanging over Namor, we felt it was a good opportunity to take our time putting together something special" says Watts, "He's such a complex character and I've always enjoyed how he's been the villain as much as the hero. It was always been important to me that he's seen as a villain first, because that's how I first read it growing up. He does what's best for his people and the line between hero/villain get blurred because he takes things to the extreme." The trilogy will find Namor coming up against a slew of adversary's, including fellow heroes. His rogues list will come into play as well including Dr. Dorcas, Tiger Shark, Warlord Krang and the Roxxon oil company, to name a few.

For Benjamin, the concept is distinct in many ways. "Namor has always held a special place with me. Seeing a character who is incredibly egotistical and powerful be moved to stop wars for love or in some cases, finding out he was wrong is telling of how vulnerable and passionate he actually is under it all. As a kid I've always been fascinated with the ocean, so visually and artistically that's always been a draw as well."

“I loved infusing as many ocean elements into the suit as I could while maintaining a core look that was still distinctly Namor”, and “The scaled areas were hand sculpted and the color, while definitely green, has a translucent quality that brings out subtle blue and purple hues when it moves in the light - like a fish swimming”, commented Costume Designer John Wrightson. Benjamin Watts is an actor and writer who has performed in numerous independent productions as well as a handful of TV shows. John Wrightson is a special effects guru, costumer and artist whose father is famed Swamp Thing Co-Creator, Bernie Wrightson. Ethan Teller is a commercial and music video Director who has worked as a consultant on X-Men 2 and Days of Future Past.

The website has officially gone live as they put the final touches on everything.


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