Nameblock Introducing a Marketplace for Domain Name Blocking to Increase the Adoption of Blocking Services


NameBlock is a revolutionary domain blocking platform designed to work with all Top Level Domains and all existing blocking services, offering easy integration, making it an industry-inclusive marketplace. NameBlock unites Registries and Registrars to offer Registrants the ability to easily maintain a vast portfolio of domain blocks, all in one centralized place. 

Entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, and brands around the globe will have access to an easy and efficient means of brand protection to secure product ideas and trademarks on the Internet via NameBlock's distribution partners. The state-of-the-art platform, built by domain industry veterans, offers sophisticated machine learning algorithms resulting in intelligently targeted domain blocks minimizing the risk of infringing domain registrations.

This groundbreaking use of domain blocking as a preventative measure stops DNS abuse before it happens. Utilizing the industry-leading iQ Threat Intelligence Repository, NameBlock can identify and block the most common terms used to conduct phishing, spamming, or proliferating other forms of DNS abuse.

"NameBlock is a revolutionary domain protection service that gives startups and young businesses the unique opportunity to block their domain name without needing a trademark! NameBlock offers fantastic value to registrants, makes for a great product offering for registrars to offer their clients, and reduces abuse on the DNS! Everybody wins!" said Lars Jensen, CEO and Founder of ShortDot SA. ShortDot is one of many Registry operators that have decided to make their extensions a part of NameBlock.

Rolf Larsen, Chairman, and Co-founder of iQ Global AS, said, "NameBlock aims to fill a gap in the domain protection and DNS abuse space. NameBlock's Dynamic and Wildcard block product levels ensure that all business name variations are blocked across leading domain extensions, thus securing the name from abuse. We aim to make the Internet safer and more secure, and we are certain that NameBlock is the perfect instrument to deliver this feat."


Press contact:
Rolf Larsen, Chairman of NameBlock AS

M +47 41 41 11 11

Source: NameBlock AS