Namcook Analytics CTO Capers Jones and ScopeMaster Offer Leading Solutions to Reduce, Risk, Cost & Uncertainty of Software Projects

Capers Jones' SRM and ScopeMaster

​​​​Capers Jones, a global expert in software measurement, developer of Software Risk Master™ (SRM) and Colin Hammond, creator of ScopeMaster™ announce today a collaboration to offer organizations two unique tools that solve the problems of reliable estimation and risk reduction of software projects. Combining early phase prediction and AI-based software requirements analysis, these tools will reduce risk, rework and uncertainty, long before coding has even started, and set your project up for success.

Wisdom Consolidated from Thousands of Projects

The combination of these two tools can narrow the cone of uncertainty earlier and faster than other techniques. These tools can help organizations deal with unidentified risks, scope creep, poor estimates and poor quality requirements early and avoid the likelihood of over-budget, delayed or canceled software projects.

Both products make use of ISO standard functional size metrics to generate early-stage insight into software projects. Even before you know the requirements of your new software project, you can use SRM to derive reliable estimates of how much it is likely to cost, how long it will take, and what the predictive quality of the results will be. Once you know more about the requirements you can use ScopeMaster to improve their quality and derive more accurate size measurements.

As the industry adopts Agile methodologies and self-governing teams, the SRM-ScopeMaster combination will help bring improved visibility and certainty to executives through the use of ISO-standard software engineering measurements. The tools are complementary yet are based on reliable, proven techniques and methodologies for sizing and de-risking software projects. According to Hammond: "By using SRM before the requirements are known and then ScopeMaster as soon as the requirements emerge, software executives and managers will have access to greater predictability and certainty that has been hitherto lacking in the industry."

Both SRM and ScopeMaster are registered trademarks of their respective companies and are both subject to ongoing patent applications.

Both products are online, SaaS tools, immediately available with nothing to download. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

About Software Risk Master™

SRM™ is based on the accumulated experience from thousands of software projects studied by Capers Jones, an expert in the field of software measurement. It has been developed by Jones and is available from Namcook Analytics, LLC (CEO Ted Maroney).

SRM™ is a unique, early-stage estimation/prediction tool that gives cost, duration, and risk estimates for software projects. It is ideally used at the budgeting stage before the business requirements are completed, thus allowing risks to be identified and mitigated before coding and testing begin. It also identifies and quantifies the impact of misestimation and budgeting errors so that projects can be managed more effectively.

Capers Jones is a global expert in software measurement, software quality, and project statistics. He is also the author of 17 published books and 100 papers on software development.

About ScopeMaster™

ScopeMaster™ is the first tool available that examines the text of software requirements to help software projects get off to a good start. Developed by Colin Hammond, ScopeMaster™ uses natural language processing (a branch of AI) to analyze and interpret requirements or Agile user stories. It can find problems before coding has even begun. It accelerates the speed of writing high-quality software specifications. According to Capers: "I am very impressed by ScopeMaster's ability to find a range of requirements problems, which might otherwise lead to costly bugs."

It also simultaneously estimates the functional size of the software to be built in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, reducing the cost of counting of function points from about $6 to about 20 cents per FP. Capers Jones on ScopeMaster: "I am delighted to see that the work of functional sizing from requirements has finally been automated."

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