Nablet, a Video Processing Technologies Company Today Announced the Availability of Its New Products at IBC 2015

nablet will be demonstrating its new image processing and transcoding technologies at IBC 2015.

‘The demand for new transcoding and image processing technologies has significantly grown’ says Sven Dueking, SVP Engineering, ‘we have been very busy to release our latest technologies now for IBC 2015 and are very excited to present them to our customers visiting our booth H7.G05’. The nablet codec SDK made a big step forward and supports all required encoding and streaming formats required by the industry, as well as image enhancement just as de-noise or de-interlace.

‘We have been using the Intel Media SDK for GPU accelerated transcoding as a base for our 4:2:0 transcoder’ says Adriano Gaeta, SVP Product. ‘Our broadcast customers are very happy that they can make use of the Intel GPU support within their transcoding workflow while saving CPU utilization for other tasks. nablet mediaEngine has been very successful as hi-res and Low-Res transcoder as it combines unique processing technologies and media processing pipelines such as GPU accelerated Encoding and decoding as well as high quality optimized nablet software codecs for 4:2:2’. The multi-platform design and flexibility allows well-tailored products for our customers."

The nablet product portfolio shown at nablet IBC booth H7.G05 include:       

  • H.264 Codec SDK: includes XAVC, AVC-I and AVI-I smart rendering​
  • updated MPEG-2 SDK: improved rate control and XDCAM-HD performance optimization
  • new nablet video processing (VPP) SDK now includes video scaler, color converter, de-noiser and de-interlacer​
  • nablet Streaming SDK: integrates HLS, an updated RTMP stack and MPEG DASH
  • multi-platform MXF SDK: support of ultra fast demuxing of long MXF files, while-function to read MXF growing source files, XAVC long GOP support and ANC packet multiplexing
  • MXF Normalizer: new version includes smart re-muxing of XDCAM, XDCAM HD family and AVCIntra content, repair function and integration into Netorium´s ATT platform
  • nablet:ID Video Fingerprinting: HTML5 based fingerprinting and ingest solution for identifying videos ?
  • mediaEngine platform update: Intel GPU acceleration for transcoding on Linux, software transcoding for Mac OSX
    • mediaEmgine autoMate Hi-Res File Transcoder: includes updated nablet MPEG-2 and H.264 codecs for HDF01-03 formats, as well as updated GPU encoder for Low-Res and AFN.100 proxy generation
    • mediaEngine Live Tanscoder: streaming formats as source for transcoding to XDCAM HD and other broadcast formats

nablet will also be showing the FFmpeg integration of Intel® Media SDK on its IBC booth Hall7 stand G05 as well on Intel booth Hall 4 stand B72.

About nablet
nablet is a premiere provider of transcoding and image processing technologies for the broadcast and entertainment markets. This is coupled with a strong R&D focus on content analysis and automated meta-data creation.