N2Growth Sees Rise in Retail Executive Placements, Even Amidst Sector Woes

N2Growth, Inc., a global leader in human and organizational performance and top executive search firm, noted rapid growth in C-level and senior executive placements in its Retail practice, even though the overall segment is struggling. 

Mike Myatt, Chairman of N2Growth, said, "Even when an industry is down, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a lack of executive talent being placed." Myatt further noted, "The reality is when industries are hard hit by consolidation, experience shifts in consumer behavior or are impacted by changes in emerging technology, that's when we see some of the most robust up-ticks in movement, as companies look to find leadership capable of navigating choppy waters."    

"All industries are cyclical in nature, and N2Growth's engagements with companies like Shark/Ninja, Smile Direct, Hyundai, Chewy.com, Samsung, Forever21, JoAnne's and others simply signal that retailers are cognizant that they're in the middle of industry transformation and are looking to hire next-generation executive leaders capable of leading them into the future of Retail," said Myatt. ​

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