N2Growth Notes Trend Change in Hiring of Board and C-Level Executives

 N2Growth, Inc., a global leader in human and organizational performance has noted major changes in hiring trends for Board and C-level executives. The changes shift the emphasis on legacy-based criteria of time in the role and industry experience to future-ready executives who are adept at leading change, engaging multi-generational workforces, integrating business metrics with social impact, and who are relevant and literate with emerging technologies driving digital transformation. 

Mike Myatt, Chairman of N2Growth, said, "Companies of all sizes and stages are finally recognizing the 'what got you here won't get you there' impact of re-imagining how their business will operate in the future." Myatt further noted, "We're seeing long-held hiring beliefs rooted in tenure and experience finally giving way to a new way of evaluating executive leadership talent ... clients are recognizing that the business they're in today will likely be different than the business they'll be in even just a few years down the road and that it will take a new kind of leader to successfully navigate that journey."

Mike Kerouac, CEO of N2Growth, stated, "Having a global footprint, working across industries, and having practice areas in executive search, leadership development and business transformation gives us unique insights into changes in thinking."  Kerouac added, "N2Growth is in a unique position to guide our clients as they embrace new ways of attracting next-level talent capable of unlocking hidden value in their businesses."

Jaco Erasmus, N2Growth's EMEAA CEO noted, "The businesses that will beat their competition to the future are the organizations willing to cannibalize themselves to stay ahead of rapidly evolving markets and stave-off obsolescence." Kerouac continued, "Companies simply need to rethink the way they hire and stop back-filling and begin future-filling.   

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N2Growth is a global leader in human and organizational performance with practice areas in executive search, leadership development and business transformation. N2Growth has more than 50 locations across the Americas, the European Community, MENA, and APAC. More information on N2Growth can be found at www.n2growth.com.

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