MyZone US Announces the MZtxG2

The enhanced MZtxG2 transmitter elevates worker safety with adjustable ranges, built-in flexi-feet and optional battery packs.

​​MyZone US is pleased to introduce the next generation of the award-winning MyZone Worker Alert System, the MZtxG2 transmitter. The MyZone Worker Alert System is an autonomous proximity warning system designed to alert workers approaching machinery and other hazards in their work areas with 360-degree surveillance.

The MyZone Worker Alert System utilizes low-frequency, wireless technology to alert a worker if they are entering an area with equipment in use or if a piece of equipment is heading toward them. Additionally, MyZone can be configured to create virtual exclusion zones for static hazards that affect both pedestrians and mobile equipment, such as trenches and overhead cranes, allowing the individual to take action and avoid accidents. 

The new MZtxG2 transmitter offers a configurable range adjustment via a “smart” button, built-in magnetic “flexi-feet,” an internal battery option and an external battery booster for optimal performance. The transmitter is housed within a weatherproof, impact-resistant case with built-in magnetic flexi-feet for optimum mounting and placement.

The MZtxG2 is programmable to a variety of indoor and outdoor work areas, with alert thresholds ranging from approximately 10 to 30 feet. A static range may be set at the factory upon request. While MyZone transmitters perform optimally when wired to an ignition source or other low voltage power supply, the MZtxG2 transmitter can be configured with an internal battery pack, boasting an average 36-hour lifespan, as well as an external battery booster that will double the battery life expectancy. 

“The new MZtxG2 transmitter will provide flexibility to onsite safety managers by allowing field-adjustable range settings, a smaller installation footprint and more robust battery-powered options,” said Amber Richards, CEO, MyZone US LLC. “The number of workplace injuries and fatalities remain unacceptably high. Sensor-based technologies, like MyZone, are an effective complement to worksite safety programs to help protect workers and equipment through collision avoidance.”

The new MZtxG2 transmitter is compatible with all existing MyZone transmitters and receivers. The MyZone Worker Alert System is currently used at some of the largest Government, Rail, Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Construction projects in the world, providing unprecedented low accident frequency rates. MyZone is an aid to personal awareness and safety management to be used in addition to established onsite safe working practices.

For more information, please contact MyZone US at or toll-free (844) 400-4907.

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