MyVote: The Lack of Privacy is Damaging Democracy. Here is How We Can Stop It.

MyVote app

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The MyVote app is a non-partisan, pro-democracy response to the current threats on citizens’ privacy, fundamental rights and free elections in 2020. This mobile security and privacy app is being launched today through a strategic partnership led by non-profit 1600 Avenue, a California-based 501(c)(3) organization. The partnership involves for-profit security and privacy experts at 1600 Cyber and Redmorph and creates a team focused on the greater good of protecting citizens’ privacy. Collectively, they are raising awareness in our communities while also empowering people to take control of privacy and own their personal data. How is this possible?  The MyVote mobile security and privacy app is an elite technical masterpiece that puts the power of privacy back into the hands of the people.

MyVote, a mobile application that blocks surveillance and malicious activities, is a first step in what founders are looking at as A Privacy Revolution. MyVote educates and allows data tracking visualization in real-time. Citizens can truly understand and act on the privacy violations they are suffering. This app gives people the autonomy to decide who accesses their data and protects them from personal and political manipulations. It is not just an app, it is the tool of a revolutionary movement.

“MyVote provides equal, or better mobile security features as any other mobile security app on the market. The democratic difference - MyVote is the only app that protects your privacy. Security apps like McAfee and Norton don't protect it: they don't provide privacy features and they are selling everyone's personal and geolocation data to third parties,” explains Frank Satterwhite, cybersecurity expert and founder of 1600 Avenue. “In today’s market, due to lack of regulation and strong data privacy laws, not only are these mobile security companies marketing everyone's data, they are doing it legally without consequence. This is why everyone must protect themselves starting, today. Society as a whole cannot keep giving away personal data and sacrificing privacy by clicking yes to all of the fine print.” 

These are crucial times for the survival of democracy.  Daily there are continuous cyber assaults through malware and phishing attacks, digital advertising ecosystems, microtargeting manipulations, geotracking, and data cycling. The weaponization of mobile phones has reached dystopian levels. The 2016 U.S. election tampering is an indisputable example of exactly how critical it is to protect mobile devices. Aside from MyVote, to date, there has been no effective tool designed to only secure mobile privacy. This is vital because privacy is a fundamental cornerstone of democracy.

Having its first launch aimed to protect the 2020 U.S. elections, MyVote’s non-partisan mission is to protect individuals and democratic elections worldwide, empowering citizens to stop being targets and start being active managers of their privacy. 

1600 Avenue is a non-profit committed to diversity in STEM and protecting cyberspace using technical, artistic and social approaches.

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