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MyUnlimitedWP provides critical error mitigation services, WordPress website management services and unlimited content updates

Small businesses across the United States have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these companies operate on razor-thin margins that leave them with very little room for revenue shortages. They do not possess the level of funding and investors that large businesses have, leaving them without a cushion. Fortunately, MyUnlimitedWP offers critical error mitigation services, WordPress website management services and unlimited content updates that give small businesses life-saving benefits.

The messaging that small businesses direct at the public is imperative for building trust with customers and compelling them to continue making purchases. Online messaging is the most effective form of communication, rendering a frequently updated and engaging website essential. Additionally, SEO is necessary for making potential customers aware of the company by directing them to the website. This is especially important for small businesses, as the competition at the local level is typically brutal.

MyUnlimitedWP provides a solution that meets all of these needs while saving business owners time by taking care of the work for them. The company corrects errors that can derail a business if left unaddressed, ensuring that customers will not get frustrated and leave. Basic WordPress management keeps the website humming so that it can fulfill its ROI-generating potential. Regular content updates keep website visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Best of all, the vital services that MyUnlimitedWP provides are affordable for any budget a small business may have. Businesses pay a low, reasonable monthly fee free of complicated pricing arrangements, stressful quote bartering and outrageous fees. Business owners can choose from packages that offer varying levels of services at different costs and are free of hidden fees. This arrangement is in stark contrast to the steep hourly fees charged by the majority of website maintenance companies.

MyUnlimitedWP is helping small businesses save even more money with a 20 percent discount on their services. Businesses can redeem the discount by using the coupon code SMALLBUSINESS2020.

“We understand that this is a very challenging time for small businesses. We wanted to do our part to help them not just stay afloat, but also flourish well beyond the pandemic. The critical website management services and affordable packages MyUnlimitedWP offers gives small businesses the resources they need to achieve long-term success,” said Joseph Kibler, CEO of MyUnlimitedWP.

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Headquartered in the United States, MyUnlimitedWP has worked with a diverse collection of clients throughout its 17-plus years. The founders of the company recognized the common need among clients for a service that could resolve any essential change their website required. MyUnlimitedWP eliminates the outrageous fees, long turnaround times and miscommunications of WordPress upkeep. Clients are not subjected to an exchange of quotes, either. Instead, they get basic changes to their WordPress website for less than $100 per month. Learn more at

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