Mystery School Mondays - The Web's First Regularly Scheduled Live Global Interactive Magic Broadcast

Jeff McBride and the staff of McBride's Magic & Mystery School have launched 'Mystery School Mondays,' a weekly Livestream telecast based in Las Vegas, with correspondents from around the world.

Jeff McBride and the staff of his Magic and Mystery School rolled out the first edition of Mystery School Monday on January 17, on Murphy's Magic Community and Viewers tuned in from all over the US, Asia and Europe and interacted with Jeff, Eugene Burger, Tobias Beckwith, Larry Hass and Bryce Kuhlman via the simultaneous chat system.

Mystery School Monday was originally planned as a once per month event, but given the enthusiastic response of its audience, is now slated to broadcast every Monday at 7:00pm (Pacific Time), at and via the Murphy's Magic community. The show is officially one hour long, but can run longer when the content warrants it. Guest correspondent Albert Tam tunes in from Hong Kong to provide an Asian Magic update, and, starting this month, Ferdinando Buscemi has consented to come on from his native Italy with a European magic update. Both Tam and Buscemi have hosted Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger for magic school events in their own countries, and are valued associates of the McBride Magic & Mystery School.

Jeff McBride created the idea for Mystery School Monday with his associates Jordan Wright and Leo Diaz, who produce and engineer each episode, as well as appearing from time to time to discuss street magic, magic on video and other subjects at which each is expert. Other Magic and Mystery School faculty will appear regularly as well. There are even plans to take the show on the road almost immediately: McBride, Burger and Lawrence Hass will host an episode from Austin College in Sherman Texas on Monday, February 14.

For further information, please go to the Magic & Mystery School section of the Murphy''s Magic Community, click on the groups tab, and select Jeff McBride's Mystery School Monday's. Or simply go directly to When the show isn't being streamed live, clips from McBride's performances and earlier episodes of Mystery School Monday can be viewed.

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