Mysterious Baima New Year's First Running in 2020


In Shiping County, Yunnan Province, China, Yunnan Mysterious Baima Culture Industry Co., Ltd. organized the Yilong lake marathon. On New Year’s Day, the company fired a gun for the competition and started a new year with 3500 people running.

The first fitness walk around the lake was built in Shiping County of Yunnan Province. People started the new year by running on the road. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of Yilong lake, they also witnessed the great achievements of protection and management of Yilong lake, Shiping's mother lake. On the morning of January 1, more than 3500 runners from 9 countries and more than 100 running groups started their 2020 with the marathon.

The marathon was operated exclusively by Yunnan Mysterious Baima Culture Industry Co., Ltd. As one of the "Nine Plateau Lake Marathon Grand Slam" series of events in Yunnan, the event has four events: full marathon, half marathon, 5km happy run and 2.5km parent-child Mini marathon.

Mr. Jin Feibao, the founder of Yunnan mysterious Baima Culture Industry Co., Ltd, is a domestic sports celebrity. He is an experienced long-distance runner and outdoor explorer. Mr. Jin used his popularity in China to promote such competitions as this Shiping Yilong lake marathon, which brought good results in promoting local culture and promoting local economic development.

One contestant said: "This is the second time I have participated in the competition of the Mysterious Baima. All my friends like to come to Yilong lake for running. This track is so beautiful. I've been boiling with blood in the whole race. Along the way, I saw a lot of people cheering us on in Shiping, who are so enthusiastic."

Shiping County in Yunnan Province is famous for its delicious tofu throughout China. At the same time, Yilong lake, located in Shiping, is the southernmost plateau lake in China, one of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan Province, and is the mother lake of Shiping people as well. The organizers hope that through this event, Yilong lake will be well-known so that more domestic and foreign tourists are willing to choose to visit Yunnan, and Shiping will be the first choice of destination.

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