MYST™ Toothbrush Breaks Speed Record for Dental-Grade Toothbrushing and Teeth Whitening in Only 30 Seconds.

What has your toothbrush done for you lately?

What has your toothbrush done for you lately? According to leading dentists and dental hygienists, often more harm than good! It is estimated that 90 percent of all cavities are the result of improper brushing, such as brushing too hard or not brushing for an entire two minutes, twice a day. That's why dental care professionals are enthusiastic about an innovative new alternative to the mistake-prone toothbrush: MYST™.

The MYST™ automatic toothbrush is a portable, fully rechargeable antibacterial silicone mouthpiece that provides a satisfying dental-grade cleaning and teeth whitening, reaching hard-to-reach areas and sensitive gum lines, in just 30 seconds. "Many people don't consistently brush correctly or long enough," says Dr. Jim Collins, DDS., an authority in oral health care. "MYST™ is perfect for busy people who love that professionally cleaned feeling, and teeth whitening, but don't have time to brush as they should every time."

According to the developers, MYST™ was engineered using the same recommended methodology recommended by dentists for brushing teeth and requires just 30 seconds. Collins admits that for many of his patients, toothbrushing for two minutes can feel like a lifetime. "The beauty of MYST™ is that it's mistake proof. It provides 100% coverage every time. You don't have to worry about brushing at a certain angle or getting to those hard-to-reach areas -- MYST™ XRT™ does everything for you."

Best of all, he points out, you only need 30 seconds. "It's remarkable that MYST™ provides a dental-grade brushing -- and teeth whitening -- in such a short time. MYST™ works fast because it's powered by Expansion Radius Technology," he continued. "Basically, it creates tens of thousands of sonic vibrating bubbles that literally help to break up and remove plaque from hard-to-reach places."

When you do the math, MYST™ is a remarkable tool in the fight against tooth decay and tooth loss. "Look at it this way, when you brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush for two minutes, you're actually brushing each tooth for a total of 1.25 seconds on average. MYST™, on the other hand, brushes all of your teeth for 30 seconds, simultaneously. That's 12 times faster than using a regular toothbrush!"

Collins added that most patients focus only on the surface areas of their teeth, while ignoring the gum line. "It's only natural," he says. "Teeth are easier targets for brushing and gums and gumline can be sensitive, so many people tend to neglect that area. Unfortunately, that's where bacteria often thrive leading to gum disease and tooth loss. With MYST™, a person simply slips in the mouthpiece and lets MYST™ do the rest, including teeth whitening. It really is that simple to get white teeth and enjoy that smooth, super clean dental office feel. I'm recommending the MYST™ automatic toothbrush to all of my patients."

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Innovative new toothbrush called MYST™ is designed to end the drudgery of time-consuming brushing and help lead to healthier, whiter teeth.