Myriad Advisor Solutions Announces New CEO

COO Danielle White takes the helm as part of multi-year leadership succession plan

Myriad Advisor Solutions Announces New CEO

Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad), a long-established, full-service business advisory firm, today announced that Chief Operating Officer, Danielle White (White) has as of Jan. 1, 2023, been promoted to Chief Executive Officer. White takes the helm at a very exciting time as Myriad heads toward its fifteenth anniversary and will, in the coming year, be breaking ground in the Des Moines suburban area to accommodate the company's new office building and staff expansion.

"This growth would not be possible without the continued enthusiastic response of our clients, and they remain our top priority," White said. "Leigh White and the Myriad team have built an impressive reputation over the last 13 years, and I am tremendously excited to build on that. I anticipate explosive growth for our firm as we deepen bench-strength and expand our operational support and business solutions well into the future. All of this is being done in order to provide our clients with the exceptional care and attention they have come to expect and value. We are a white-glove firm and our clients deserve our very best."


Myriad is an Iowa-based firm, founded in 2009. Leigh White (Mrs. White) has served as its CEO and President for the past 13 years. She will remain a vital part of the firm, transitioning into Chief Technology Officer and Chairman. Daughter Danielle White has been with the firm since inception. As COO, she has used her experience in the financial services industry and business arena to lead a team of approximately 60 as they seek to provide a broad array of all-encompassing, premier solutions for small business owners who, like Myriad, are always seeking to become more efficient, effective, and profitable. She will now assume CEO-level responsibilities as a part of a multi-year leadership succession plan.

"This growth would not be possible without the continued enthusiastic response of our clients, and they remain our top priority."
Danielle White, CEO
Myriad Advisor Solutions

Myriad is dedicated to educating and empowering small business owners across the nation, helping them to achieve their goals by alleviating the operational demands and challenges that new and growing businesses invariably face. While the company's focus has been primarily focused on supporting breakaway brokers as they move toward independence and independent financial advisors as they seek to scale and grow, Myriad also works with a short list of other types of businesses on an individual needs-and-interests basis.


In addition to her responsibilities at Myriad, White is a proud member of The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants®, a think tank designed to share best practices for businesses, in order to continually enhance the client experience. She is also heavily involved with Entrepreneur's Organization (EO Iowa Chapter). Through these and other outlets, she is able to hone and provide a wide breadth of knowledge in business operations: everything from technology and marketing to human resources and telecommunications, all in an effort to help small business owners and breakaway financial advisors succeed in uncertain markets and an ever-changing business landscape.

"I am extremely proud - both as a mother and a business mentor - to see Danielle's skill and abilities blossom in such a profound and beautiful way," said Mrs. White. "During the last few years, I had several family members pass away and as a result, I had to step back from my work responsibilities to a degree. Every business owner hopes that their company has the leadership to weather any storm. Danielle stepped in and led this firm without missing a beat. She did everything and more than anyone could have asked for during this time. That is why I know she is more than ready to lead our company forward. I am transitioning into a more focused role in order to steer our technology solutions and product development into the future. This shift will allow me to leverage my background and passion for business."


Established in 2009, this full-service business advisory and solutions firm has been dedicated to its mission of empowering small business owners to achieve their goals by alleviating the operational demands and challenges which growing businesses invariably face. While its focus has primarily been helping breakaway brokers go independent and independent financial advisors reach new levels of success, Myriad Advisor Solutions (Myriad) also works with other types of privately-held businesses on an individual needs-and-interests basis, providing these developing companies with all-encompassing business solutions, operational guidance, and technical support. The company has assisted in launching over 9,500 successful businesses with more than 3,200 locations established nationwide. As a part of that work, Myriad has configured and managed over 5,000 technology networks. It is the umbrella company for two subsidiary firms: Continuum (which deals with human resources, benefits, payroll, insurance, etc.) and Communications Experts (which specializes in providing services related to the telecommunications industry). CEO Danielle White has been employed by the company since its inception. Leigh White, who served as CEO and President, now works on product development and remains on the leadership team. To learn more, please visit

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