MyMipsScore™ Announces Guarantee Program to Achieve MIPS Score of 100

The guarantee is simple: You do not pay for the program unless you achieve a MIPS score of 100 for 2017.


MyMipsScore™ in collaboration with EMR Advocate Inc. announced an unprecedented guarantee program called MIPS100™ for all 2017 MIPS eligible clinicians today. Providers participating in the MIPS100™ program will have exclusive access to all features of the acclaimed MyMipsScore™ tool and will receive expert reviews and guidance till the end of the year to maximize their MIPS score. MyMipsScore™ offers a unique tool designed to understand, calculate, analyze and maximize the MIPS score. It is the only tool in the market today that can calculate a MIPS Quality performance score for all 271 quality measures and compare them across all benchmarks in real time. MyMipsScore™ also allows to easily incorporate ACI and IA performance scores to calculate your Composite Performance Score (CPS) commonly known as MIPS Score.

Unlike other guarantee programs, the MIPS100™ guarantee is not based on a refund or a credit. The MIPS100™ guarantee is based on providers paying only if they score a 100 and become eligible for a bonus. Providers can calculate their estimated MIPS bonus using the free MIPS Calculator provided by MyMipsScore™.

We found that the providers' biggest point of resistance towards getting involved in MIPS is, "Is the bonus or the penalty going to be worth the money I spend on a MIPS solution?". We are taking that dilemma off the table by offering an unprecedented guarantee in the industry. If you don't get a MIPS score of 100 in 2017 and become eligible for a bonus, you will not have to pay a penny. It is as simple as that.

Dr. Pawan Jindal, Founder, MyMipsScore

MyMipsScore™ is confident that most participants in MIPS100™ should be able to achieve a MIPS score of 100 if they commit to the program. MIPS100™ program will require participants to attend weekly sessions and update their data regularly in the MyMipsScore™ tool. MyMipsScore™ will provide a detailed analysis of the MIPS score on an ongoing basis. Providers will be able to analyze their MIPS data and make timely adjustments required to stay on track.

MyMipsScore™ also announced a “MIPS100 Certified Vendor” program for EHR vendors as part of the MIPS100™ program. As part of this program, MIPS will work with EHRs to provide seamless integration with MyMipsScore™ to eliminate the data entry burden for providers. MyMipScore™ will provide 2015 certified EHR technology that EHR vendors will be able to inherit for their 2015 EHR certification. “MIPS impacts much more than just Medicare Part B reimbursement and a practice’s financial bottom line. Practice valuation and provider compensation will also be affected by the MIPS score. We are very excited to partner with MyMipsScore™ to bring this unique opportunity to our current and future EHR clients,” says Jim Tate, President of EMR Advocate, an exclusive partner for the “MIPS100 Certified Vendor” program. EMR Advocate has worked with more than 300 EHRs on certification initiatives and supported over 200 hospitals and providers on their meaningful use audits and appeals.

MyMipsScore™ will be launching the MIPS100™ program on July 11, 2017. More details about the program and registration links are available on the MyMipsScore website.

About MyMipsScore LLC

MyMipsScore is a healthcare technology company focused on helping clients achieve their goals through highly customized, end-to-end People Compatible™  software solutions. 

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Anshu Jindal
Twitter: @MyMipsScore

Source: MyMipsScore

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