MyLand Announces Financing Agreement With CSC Leasing Company

 The first Soil-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, MyLand Company LLC ("MyLand") announced today that it has entered into a financing agreement with CSC Leasing Company ("CSC Leasing"), a trusted, family-owned equipment leasing firm. The leasing facility will allow MyLand to expand its installed base of MyLand® Thrive Systems in the field, covering up to an additional 35,000 acres initially with the possibility for significant additional expansion with CSC Leasing going forward.

"Our new partnership with CSC Leasing is a key component of our financing strategy and will allow us to deliver significant value to growers through our unique SaaS model," said Peter Williams, Chief Executive Officer at MyLand. "CSC Leasing is a trusted financial partner and is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Together, our partnership enables us to advance our commitment to sustainability and regenerative agriculture."

The funding will support the deployment of MyLand® Thrive Systems, which connect directly to growers' irrigation producing and delivering live, native microalgae directly into the soil on a continuous basis. Through this process, the microalgae rapidly improve the physical, chemical, and biological traits of the soil, generating significantly healthier soil which in turn leads to healthier food, healthier people, and a healthier planet.  

"We are excited to be working with MyLand as they look to change the world of agriculture and implement their unique service, allowing growers to implement regenerative agriculture simply and at scale," said Jordan Stowe, Regional Director at CSC Leasing. "What they are doing is a good fit with our corporate mission and we look forward to supporting their growth."

Shelley Baugh, MyLand
Senior Director of Marketing

Source: MyLand