MyHealthMath Shares Opportunities With Microsoft to Use Benefit Programs to Eliminate Health and Pay Disparities

MyHealthMath announced their collaboration with Microsoft on a webinar that will launch a national conversation about how employers can advance health and pay equity by making health insurance more accessible. With this, employers can promote better health and financial outcomes for the over 179 million Americans covered by private health insurance.

"Health insurance is one of the most important prerequisites for people's physical and financial health. But not all employees have a fair opportunity to choose and optimally use their health benefits; they don't get the education or support they need, or the plan design works against them," says MyHealthMath President and Chief Mission Officer, Dr. Elizabeth Cote, MD, MPA. "This webinar will help employers shake up that status quo and make a big impact on their employees' lives."

The webinar will feature a panel of experts, including Anton Gunn, the world's leading authority on socially conscious leadership; Stacey Gordon, MBA, Author of UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work; Amy D. Berk, MSN, RN, Director of Population Health at Microsoft; Trudy Sullivan Stoudamire, MBA, Chief Diversity Officer at Health Catalyst; and Deb Gordon, MBA, Healthcare Consumer Advocate.

The speakers will discuss workplace DEI trends and innovations and share strategies for using health benefits to promote health and pay equity. By bringing an equity lens to conversations about health benefits, the webinar will promote employee health and financial security while helping employers achieve their workplace DEI goals.

"Microsoft is proud to collaborate with MyHealthMath for this webinar on the topic of health equity," says Amy Berk, MSN, RN, director of Population Health at Microsoft. "Health equity is becoming more pronounced in the healthcare ecosystem; and we recognize how pivotal health plan access can be as an innovative solution for addressing health equity."

The webinar titled "How Benefit Programs Can Eliminate Health and Pay Disparities," will be held on Wednesday, June 16 at 1 p.m. CT. To register, click here.

About MyHealthMath (MHM):

MyHealthMath is an Insurtech firm that uses advanced decision-support technology to simplify health insurance planning so people can choose the most cost-effective health plan. By making it easier for employees to understand their health plan options, MyHealthMath transforms individuals into informed consumers, saving money for both employers and employees. Based in Portland, Maine, MyHealthMath has direct and SaaS clients throughout the US. As a neutral third-party, MyHealthMath guarantees confidentiality for all individual use data collected from claim reports and individual interviews. To learn more about MyHealthMath, visit

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