MyGovWatch Acquires the RFP Database

Transaction Gives Legacy RFPdb Users Access to More Bid Opportunities, a leading government bid notification and intelligence website, has acquired the operating assets of The RFP Database ( from Confluent Forms, LLC, in a private transaction with undisclosed terms.

The RFP Database lets users upload bid opportunities the uploading user is not pursuing in exchange for the ability to hear about a different bid opportunity from another user. Because of this model, The RFP Database offers a steady stream of new bid opportunities in every industry.

This acquisition positions as a player in the private sector B2B space, since The RFP Database offers leads beyond government contracting and enables users of one site to take advantage of benefits offered by the other at price points not seen elsewhere in the marketplace.

"We are excited about what this transaction means for users of both platforms," said Nick Bernardo, President, continuing, "There has never been a better time for people looking to grow their business to sign up for to hear about B2G leads and now other leads through The RFP Database."

MyGovWatch goes further than traditional bid notification by offering users the ability to learn about what actually happens after bid submission through OpenRex Access, a product available on the platform that gives users the ability to get access to hard-to-obtain government files, through various open records laws, showing who won the contract, the price paid, and more. Users often get access to the winning proposal, prices submitted by all bidders, evaluations, and reports. All of this is delivered anonymously to the user who orders the information after staff obtains the information through the relevant open records law in a jurisdiction. recently expanded its platform to more than 200 industry subcategories. The site has revolutionized how current and aspiring government contractors hear about and interact with leads by giving users the ability to get in where they fit it, through low-cost, no-contract monthly plans and transaction pricing on completing open records requests, for example.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or large corporation, or anywhere in between, there is no better time to get started and compare us to your current provider. To get started with a 14-day trial, visit For more information on MyGovWatch, please email

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MyGovWatch is a government bid notification and intelligence website that offers users no-contract, industry-targeted leads from every level and type of government buyer. With low-cost, monthly plans to choose from, users receive notifications and access to government purchasing opportunities about leads in over 200 subcategories. These subcategories cover every B2G NAICS code. Get started today with a free, no-obligation trial at